Okay, after leaving this poor blog alone for centuries, I suddenly decided that remodeling it would be a great idea. Though I have no idea why I thought about it NOW, because I’m actually on the verge of suicide, because of the University, there’s so much damned homework! Plus, I also thought that writing a fanfiction AND reviews for a russian anime website would be a good idea. So, if I’m going to commit suicide, I might as well crash, overheat and explode epically. Though on the serious note, I thought that piling on a lot of work may be actually good for me, because it may help me conquer laziness and actually turn me into a productive person. I hope this strategy won’t fail me, I hope I will manage to make this blog popular, because I’m sick of giving up after a failure. So, please, look forward to revamped Katsuragi! It will look nice and new, and I’ll change the content a little bit, and it won’t be strictly anime-based anymore.

Jaa ne~


  1. Hey, kinda random I know, I kinda stumbled across here but I just wanted to say I thought your fandubs were good and that on a serious note life is worth living. Half the things we say fall upon deaf ears but still, if you don’t say them then that one person that wanted to hear just that is left in a hopeless situation. Cheer up, college is a trial but still life is a trial right? Anyway, I hope you cheer up and find something to occupy your time.

    • Aaaaawwwwww, thank you for your awesome feedback.
      I’m definitely that kind of person to ragequit everything at some point. But I still get it going, no matter how hard it is.
      I’m really glad you liked my fandubs and took your time to tell me that. You’re awesome :*

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