I have an abnormal interest in AMVs, so at some point, I decided to share my little list with everyone who will be willing to read on this post 😀 Well, the list isn’t that small, but hehe ^^”


Aaaah, I remember, when I found this little AMV. I think this was the period I got interested in Yaoi…. Yes, it was definitely at that time. But what amuses me the most in this AMV, it’s the phrase: “Yaoi in the wintertime” xD Nothing like good ‘ol yaoi, in wintertime, huh?? 😀 Anyways, LOVE this AMV ^O^

And this one I found a LOT of time ago, back when I was just starting out and my main shows were Bleach and Naruto. At that time, I got really interested in the editor – Raixaz. Her AMVs are all very amazing, and you will see quite a few of them on this list. 🙂

Another Raixaz’s video. I actually first discovered Raixaz through this AMV. At that time, I started out with Bleach, was watching some Bleach videos on Youtube and stumbled upon this one. After 2 or 3 years(I can’t really remember ^^”) I am still in awe.

So, about this one. What absolutely broke me into fangirling, was the song. I LOVE the sentimental vibes coming from the song, and the title too: “Boys don’t cry”. That’s so beautiful *teary eyes* I’m a total sucker for stuff like that TT^TT Beautiful editing, as always – by Raixaz. That person is just amazing O_O

Okay, time to be a b*tch now! 😀 This AMV is so fuuuuuuuuun~ ^O^ love it!

My best friend who isn’t really into anime, nor yaoi for that matter, LOVES this AMV. And that fact speaks for itself. Oh yeah, baby! I wanna kiss you~

Oh, how I LOVE those short, pervy yaoi AMVs !!!!!! ^w^ My little brother likes this one very much. Yes, little – he’s 11, and I’m already spoiling him. MWAHAHAHAHAAA!!! Of course, he never saw anything that isn’t appropriate. He just knows stuff 😉

Just now, I realized, that the last 3 videos are from one editor. >.> hehe… But I love all of those anyway )) That just means, that XEnchantedMarshie18X is a good editor 🙂 Before I discovered this AMV, I never saw any decent ones with The Wallflower.  The end part cracks me up even after all this time 😀

Another work from Raixaz! ^O^ I love this AMV, it’s so fun and makes me want to stand up, and dance and sing!!

Now it’s the time for Re-Evo studios to dominate in my list 😀 Well, basically, it’s a group of editors that work with anime footage. This is one of my favorite works, because I LOVE Vampire Knight.


More AMVs coming soon! ^^

3 thoughts on “AMVs

  1. The SaiNaru one is just perfect XD For some reason though, I feel like I’ve seen that one before. A sign that I watch too many amv’s too?
    Haha thanks for posting these.

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