First Glance – Free!



Okay. Free.

I’ve been waiting for this for so long, that now I don’t even know what to say 😀

First, lets get the graphics out of the way. We all know they’re awesome/amazing/majestic or whatnot. But MAN those boys look hot *~* When Nanase got out of the tub OMG that angleeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ cute-animated-japanese-kitten-grey-12But it’s kinda funny, when you look at Nagisa, he’s all kawaii and happy-go-lucky and gay and then he takes of his clothes and BAM. I’m just…….. I have an overdose with all that service. Fancervice, manservice, The show is appealing visually, that’s for everyone. Bonus points in popularity among female watchers for those smexy abs. Plus, dat bromance. It’s not a bromance at all. Mark my words *~* I swear, when Rin said “I’ll show you a view you’ve never seen before” I suddenly thought about what you thought about I thought about. FUJOSHI IMAGINATION RAGE On the serious side of things though, I LOVE how water looks in this show. Just as beautiful and majestic as it should. Even I would want to swim in the pool if water really looked like that.

The characters are even more gay than I thought they would be. Not that I mind that, though. I just don’t want this anime to be too sweet shounen-ai stuff. Which it almost is already, because guys don’t behave like that. ESPECIALLY amongst their best friends.  That’s just not true. So, will the show stay like that or head even further in that direction and compensate all that fluff with sports and badass music? 😀 That’s probably what will happen. Ah, those character interactions. Even I’m raising my brow right now. It’s like the problem that most people had with Kuroko no Basket, but those suspicious signals are even more obvious here. Aside from character interactions, what I really dislike is the MC. As soon as a character says “I want to be normal” or something along those lines I instantly hate him/her. Hibiki was an exception, though. No, for real, how simple can Nanase get? “Lets break into Rin’s school! No? Why not?  There’s a pool in there!” SOLD. “Hey Nanase. I want to break into a sports complex with a shotgun to murder everyone I see. What, bad idea? But there’s a huge pool there, I thought you would love to swim there for a bit while I kill people.” SOLD. Come on, dude, you’re 17! 😀 That’s a trick for children, not teenagers. Oh, and Nanase. Are you in love with Rin or something? I don’t know, you seem to hate everyone else who comes close and talks to you 😐 And lastly. I want to see Rei. I feel like he’ll be my favorite character, I don’t know why. Definitely not because of his glasses. Baka!

I really liked the music. All of it. How they use it, how it sounds. And that opening. I love it *~* Even that ending….. I love it too! th_thadore

Gah, who am I kidding with this criticism? I’m SO watching this show!! 😀

So, reasons why you should not watch it:

– The plot. I don’t think there’s anything to expect here.

– It’s gay. So unless you’re a fujoshi, or gay, you should not like it. If you’re neither of these and you still liked it, you’re either a slut for sports anime and the eyecandy, or you should consider yourself as one of the two categories of people listed above.

Why you should watch this show:

– It looks darn amazing. th_thadore

– It looks darn amazing. + hot bishies. th_thinluv

– The sports aspect of this show will probably be amazing. It there will be such, at all.

– Shounen-ai goodness for all us fujoshi out there ^_^

– And lastly, the fanservice.

Please, share your thoughts with me!! ^_^

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