About this blog:

Well, I had several blogs/sites etc throughout the years, ever since I had my first computer with an internet connection. They were hosted by Piczo at first…..I had several sites there, 2 personally mine and 2 hosted by my best friend and I. After that, I moved on to the more complicated Ucoz, then I tried out Blogger, after that stumbled upon WordPress, and here I am until today! (I’ll update, if I remember something I forgot…^^) The reason behind creating this blog is a simple desire to do something, also for the sake of practicing my English writing and communicating abilities.

But I will also try my best to get a lot of views, to make this ordinary blog into something interesting(leaving the originality behind XD), write my posts so they would be interesting and pleasant to read(regarding the grammar mistakes, though) and to make my (I hope) future readers want to come back again and again. Easier said, than done, but I will try at least! ^^

Please, share your thoughts with me!! ^_^

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