[First Glance] Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku no Zvezda

This season I intended to go into completely blind. Usually, I’m compiling a huge watchlist which I never follow, and most of the shows I intended to try end being untouched. So this time I came up with this strategy – I haven’t read any descriptions or staff lists, I have no idea what’s airing beyond the names and genres, so that expectations won’t ruin my motivation. Though there were a couple of shows I knew a little something about and Sekai Seifuku is one of them.

Usually a plot like this would scare me away instantly. Mostly because of the loli – that’s not really my thing, to say the least. But when I looked into it, I found out that the director for this lolifest will be Okamura Tensai. The same guy who was behind Ao no Exorcist. And when the ladder aired, I had absolutely no interest in it and deemed it to be boring and cliche. Oh how I was mistaken and how I regret thinking that. Because not only was Ao-Ex amazing,  but it’s one of my favorite works in terms of writing, and plot/character development. It was done extremely well, so this is the reason Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku no Zvezda was my absolute must this season. And I have to say, I’m not disappointed.

The art was great. The first thing that jumped at me was the color palette – it was gorgeous. I loved the coloring of the characters, as  strange as it may sound. Soft, pastel-ish, soothing yet bright. And not only the colors – character designs were just adorable. A little cliche but a little unique at the same time. That usual, classic anime design with a slight spin, though I’ll admit that I  can’t exactly put my finger on it. Is it the way that the irises are drawn? Perhaps it’s the hair designs? Maybe it’s the color palette, in the end, or simply everything I mentioned above together?…


Look at that cute face! *^*
Who would’ve thought this is the face of the person who will conquer the world…
And the face of a girl who stole the last food from a runaway boy! Bad Kate, bad!


And that braid! *totallynotgay*
Interesting hair design, really. No, I’m serious.


Sailor Moon twin tail thingies!!!!! *^*
And they’re purple *^*
Hey little girl. U mind me borrowing your hair???    (゜▽゜;)

The matter of fact is that the characters look great, memorable, even unique in a way. Not the best I’ve seen, but much better than most of the crap you see these days. And really cute, too ^w^ The backgrounds look a little strange, because of the fissured-like texture. It’s a little unusual, but it makes the background more neutral, which makes you focus on the characters, rather than perceive the scene integrally(if it makes sense ^^”). It’s not really my thing, because I like rich, detailed and balanced art like in Psycho-Pass, for example.  But it’s just fine – not as bold and bad as it could be and nothing that anyone other than a graphic-crazed bitch-ass would notice and complain about.


The animation was nice. Nothing over the top, of course, but it was clean, neat, balanced and not ‘stingy’ at all. Though in a ‘fight scene’, where Kate conquered a bunch of enemies it shined a little bit more. We shall see what’s next to come. Oh, and everything Kate defeated had this huge tag saying “Conquered” on it. I thought that was a very interesting touch. Regardless of being a little childish 😀


Ka…. kawaiiii~ *^*
More of this cuteness, please!!

Music was nice, though it’s still a little early to go in depth with this subject. But what I heard was fairly nice, complimented the scenes well, but was a little weak in my opinion, and quite forgettable. But hey – it’s the first episode! There’s a lot more to hear. Plus, the music for Sekai Seifuku was done by Kato Tatsuya, who, if you don’t know, also did music for Free! .  And music for free was divine – crisp, light, unique…. ahhh don’t get me started! I may post a whole ravingfest review for those CDs. So I’m expecting to hear some nice things in this anime.

The opening wasn’t so nice. Not terrible but rather boring, forgettable and highly skippable, and that’s regarding both the song and the video. Nothing more to say about it.

As far as seiyuu list goes, there aren’t many I’m familiar with besides Hanazawa Kana, who, as far as I’ve heard, did a great job – as per usual. Besides her I noted Kuno Misaki, who sounded excellent as an intelligent loli-conqueror and is apparently just about my age, which is depressing. *shikushiku*  And I’m also familiar with Ise Mariya a little, because she voiced Yamagishi Lemon in Yumeiro patissiere, which I’m a big fan of. Though you probably never heard about this anime.

What I enjoyed the most in this first episode was the characters and character interaction. Yes, Kate is more or less a generic tsundere-ish loli. We even had that classic boy-saves-girl and girl hitting his face and calling him a pervert situation.


Such an unusual turn of events o-o

But she wasn’t that bad, to be honest. And I didn’t want to stab her in the face, because she was actually really cute, compared to those overly moe characters who’s only purpose is to act cute and have big eyes. Yes, Kate is a cute little MC. For now, at least. And Asuta…. well, first of all – he doesn’t seem to be a lolicon. He’s demonstrated the ability to say whatever he wants whenever he needs to and do it well. So much that he needs to apologize afterwards 😀 He was fine, just the type of a character that gets dragged into something and really doesn’t want to.


Just look at that enthusiastic face!

The only thing I hope for is that Asuta and Kate don’t develop feelings for each other along the way, because that would be a terrible direction, really. Also, as I said above character interaction was also done quite well here, too. What I sometimes notice is some ridiculous phrases that a character may say, or a conversation that feels forced, unnatural, automatic or just stupid. Here, I noticed no such thing. Funny thing is that they even brought up Abraham Lincoln when Kate gave her epic, motivating speech to her enemies. That pleased me a lot.

Overall, I enjoyed this first episode more than I thought I would. So I would say it lived up to my expectations. Though I’m trying to move Attack on Titan‘s first episode a little further from my standards because we all know the likelihood of getting such an amazing first episode often. It wasn’t anything close to amazing, but again – much better than most of the stuff that’s out there.

Generally, the concept is just as interesting as it’s ridiculous, but hey – it’s anime! Who knows, what this show may turn into? With only 13 episodes to go with, I don’t expect anything groundbreaking from this anime, but I don’t really expect it to be bad either. If they don’t turn the boat into that dreaded direction, everything should be fine.  The plot is fun, character designs are rather nice, BGM sounds nice but it has the potential to be amazing. If this won’t be a masterpiece, which it certainly won’t be, we should at least get a cute, wonky and entertaining watch.

Plot/Characters – 7 (+1 for a cute loli)
Art & animation – 7.5
Music – 7 (-1 for that opening)
Enjoyment – 8
Overall – 7.3

So, on a question “Should I watch it?” I shall answer: Feel free to do so! Don’t expect anything amazing, but if you go into it with a light heart and lowered brain activity you will enjoy this quite a lot! Even if cute Lolis aren’t your cup of tea – give this show a try. And on this note, I’ll leave you. Please, tell me what you think about this show if you’ve already watched it, okay? ^^


So go, watch this anime and come to the loli side! We have snacks, cute lolies and a world to conquer!



Please, share your thoughts with me!! ^_^

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