Here you can ask me anything you want, from the things that are of interest to you about me or about the subjects of my blog, to the advice, requests and so on.  🙂 I’m looking forward for your comments!

9 thoughts on “Q.A.

  1. TheMidna says:

    No questions yet?! I’ll be the first then~

    I’ll let you know how I got here first: I saw your fandub of a Japanese song on YouTube a couple months ago and I commented on it and saved a link to it in my notes, and today I happened to come across that link which led me to your YouTube channel that had a link to your blog, where I saw your Q.A. section in its depressingly empty state — *breathes* so yeah, here I am! xD

    Anyway, I just finished reading your About section. You have really good English for a non-native English speaker. Ever think of moving to the USA in the future? There’s much more anime addicts here so you’ll feel right at home. 🙂

    • My first question, yaaaaay~!! 😀 I’m glad you liked my fandub, at least so much that you saved the link to it ^^”

      Thanks for the compliment!! I try to practice as much as I can, though my main practice goes online, because there aren’t very much people in reality, who would chat with me in English.
      And I’m actually thinking of where I want to go in the future, because my country is a horrible wasteland, and I don’t want to be a part of it ^^” USA is a main option, though I’m considering some other countries (try to guess at least one of them XD). Thanks again for commenting, you just made my day!!! ^O^

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