Wow. I haven’t posted anything since February. I’m a bad excuse for a blogger o-o I just felt a little burnt out for these months. Haven’t watched any new anime, just Psycho-Pass, plus some FMA, Ao-Ex and several other older anime with my mom. But I finally feel the need to watch more anime, and that’s great. Truthfully, I was a little afraid and ticked off, because I didn’t follow anything from Fall or Winter seasons. I wanted to, but just didn’t do it, because “Ok, I’ll check my facebook and youtube and then study” and other reasons along those lines. I know, I’m terrible and scheduling my day, but I’m slowly learning to manage my time better :3

Anyways, I’m a happy otaku now ^w^ I already watched two newly released anime, which are Devil Survivor 2 and Suisei no Gargantia. I’m loving both of them, so far. It’s not that far yet, but I hope it will get far. Also, I’m planning to watch Red Data Girl, Shingeki no Kyojin and Karneval. Maybe I’ll also give Aku no Hana a try. I don’t know how it will go for my tastes, but it seems to be interesting. We shall see.

Currently I’m planning to write first impression posts on these series, so if you’re reading this and are a little bit curious,please, keep an eye out for those updates. So, until next time ^_~ Jaa ne