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Hello there! I’m Namika. I am 17 years old and I inhabit in Tbilisi, Georgia. I think, this is one of the last countries you would expect to have otaku, but here I am. From that point, I’m kinda unique, but it doesn’t help at all. All the otaku here are mainly Russians, and Russian school otaku is a true hardcore. All the Georgian otaku that are left……  uuuh….. I think I will keep quiet about those species 😀

Anyways. Now, how I came to love the fandom. I got aware of the term “anime” in the fall, 2008. At that time I was(and still am) a big fan of Avatar: The last airbender  and when I was watching it online on some site, I discovered an anime streaming website: , that’s how I came to know what anime is. The first anime I ever watched after discovering what that, was Fullmetal Alchemist, and it’s my #1 anime up until today. Though as it turned out, anime was brainwashing me since I can remember myself. For example, Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Howl’s Moving Castle, Ghost In the shell, Spirited away, Golden boy… *_*

Genre wise, I mostly follow – horror, mystery, gore, detective, romance, comedy and stuff like that. I actually like any genre (besides shoujo-ai and ecchi, I suppose), as long as the anime is solid and well-composed. In a show, I mostly value the visual factor, and the correct plot & character development. Also, it’s very important for an anime to have a good BGM and seiyuu cast. Well, overall, I will say that mostly, I love the shows that combine all those factors and create something harmonic and beautiful. As for the manga, I’m not much of a manga reader and 90% of all manga I ever read is yaoi/shounen-ai xD

So, I guess this is all regarding me+anime/manga. Other than those 2, I am a horrific music addict (played the piano for 6 years), like to draw manga, love to sing (I sing 24/7. Everywhere and anywhere, just ask me and I will sing :D) and, no matter how cliché those 3 sound together, dance (I was taking ballroom dancing classes for a year). I am also passionate about ancient Egypt, mythology, world wonders, mysteries and superstitions ( I actually believe that ghosts/demons/angels/spirits/monsters/trolls/zombies exist XD well, not all of these, but still. You get my point))) . I love reading, though I don’t read much, because if a book is addicting, I am literally walking around everywhere while reading it. And being a zombie isn’t all that….. appealing >.>

So, I’m sorry for making this too long and too informative 😀 Anyways, I’m a very friendly and communicable person. I love to make new friends and chat with people. Even though I’m really shy, I’m pretty easy to get along with, so please, comment and ask me questions and stuff like that, I would be glad to answer 🙂

Jaa ne~

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      • Libertà says:

        Well, if we consider the Caucasus Mountains as the delimitation between Europe and Asia, only around 5% of Georgia’s territory is in Europe. Since most of Turkey is considered to be in Asia, it’s easier to classify Georgia as being in Asia.
        However, boundaries between continents aren’t strictly defined and mostly traditional so I guess you could consider it a transcontinental country.

  1. I read so much manga that is shounen-ai too. I read a lot of manga. I used to always read romance related manga but somehow I discovered shounen-ai/Yaoi and I’ve been addicted ever since =D I really love anime and manga. I’ve watched Fullmetal Alchemist quite a few times but for some reason I just cant understand it =S My brain just can’t understand it >.<

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