Shingeki no Kyojin [03-06]

Shingeki no Kyojin - OP - Large 05

So far, Shingeki no Kyojin keeps us on the edge of our seats in whatever it does. At this point, I really don’t know what to expect. Killing off the main character is a very dangerous move, and one you don’t see that often, too. Especially at the beginning of the show (20 episodes to go, what are they thinking?!). All this makes this anime so much more appealing and interesting, especially considering current anime climate.

Last episode was very good. I was expecting it to be a full flashback, but instead, it was more like a close look on Mikasa. Not only her past, but her goals and motives, feelings and so on. Turns out that she really is the one who needs Eren and not the other way around. Usually characters like her cling to others, because they see them as the shoulder to lean on, someone to look after/protect, or in Mikasa’s case, someone to live and die for. And I’m glad that everything that happened to her was revealed already, otherwise she would be that cool character who is cool just because I told you so. Now we see her actual motivation and that makes her so much more endearing. Even though she’s a badass soldier :3 I have to note that I was surprised that Eren killed two people so easily. I like that too. It proves that he does have guts to back up those epic speeches about how you should live, basically. That’s also a good thing, because his reputation as a whiny one was going too strong 😀 Now he steps up to a (still)whiny, gutsy, limbless but nonetheless badass MC.

But where will they go with the plooooooooooooot~????? I don’t think that Eren will truly die, because my BFF is reading the manga, and when I asked him, does Eren stay a whiny kid, he said “NOOOOOOOO! He’s so awesome, just wait and see”. So Eren doesn’t die. Or my BFF just lied to me. *nervous* I swear, there has to be something supernatural/sci-fi-ish in this show, otherwise humanity is SO FREAKING SCREWED! Honestly, as they are now, people don’t stand a chance against the titans. I think, Eren will come back, and it will turn out that because of that drug his father was giving to him, he developed the power of regeneration, just as the titans. Or something close to that. What else can they do? Every other theory seems pulled out of the ass even more, than this one does. 19 more weeks to go, guys, stay strong! ><

And lastly – that animation! And that music! This anime is such a fest for the senses! Hiroyuki Sawano has done a splendid job with the BGM, as expected. And the graphics look so…. so amazing/majestic/splendid/perfect/amazing, I don’t know what to say so that it’ll be enough to explain how flawless this anime looks to me. During the action scenes the angles, and the 3D movement looks amazing. When they spiderman through those buildings, go over/under them with huge speed and maneuver through the streets on their awesome…. things(what were they called again? ^^”) it’s like you travel along with them. Imagine it in 3D, OMG. INSTANT EYEGASM. 😀

Can’t wait to see more. Can’t wait to see Eren again. Please, come back to us, you whiny little bastard!

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