First Glance – Devil Survivor 2

Finally, after being burnt out I’m coming back~ First Spring season series I watched, Devil Survivor, incidentally, one of the series I wanted to see the most, after Shingeki no Kyojin, Suisei no Gargantia and Higurashi. I’ll get to the traditional AMP(art-music-plot) thing and then ramble about what I personally think about this show. So, lets hop in~

*   *   *

Devil Survivor definitely didn’t offend it’s watcher with the art. Character designs, backgrounds and animation. I won’t say it’s flawless, but definitely above average. Backgrounds are beautiful, detailed, but not overpowering, too heavy or anything along those lines. Character designs, on the other hand, are a little…….  bad. Almost all characters besides our protagonist look strange. I won’t say bad, because it’s a strong word. But a little more and I would definitely say it. You have to be very talented to pull of an unusual hairstyle. If you’re not talented enough, it will end up looking like this. So, minus a point here, Devil Survivor. The summoned demons looked okay, but most of the time I couldn’t really see them well enough. Fighting scenes weren’t all that special either. The animation was good, but the fights themselves were meh. Average.

Now, the music moves it up the ranks. It’s rather nice, intense, and quite interesting. It sounds like all of the tracks were computer-generated. The BGM didn’t have that feeling of dimension, that instrumental music usually has. All of the instruments were like molded into one…. I don’t know if I’m making any sense but there’s no other way to describe this. Though I have to note that I really like how Devil Survivor’s BGM sounds. Not amazing, but good enough be noticed. The opening and ending sequences….. I loved the ending, while the opening reminded me of a promotional video.

Seriously?? It’s not bad, I won’t say that I hate it, because I don’t. The song is nice and positive, and I like that the middle part changes up from episode to episode. (I’m pretty sure it does) But the rest looks like a PV, and that’s not good at all I know, there are a lot of characters, but you could think a little about how to incorporate shots of (even) so many characters in 90 seconds. Durarara did that, Naruto/Bleach did that, and a number of other animes, so I won’t accept any excuses.

The ending, on the other hand, made me want to squeal in delight. I don’t know why, but it looks so damn good. I love the song, even though the engrish in it is beyond any levels I have ever encountered so far. It fits the mood of the show very very well, all that resolve and tension. Yummy~ And it’s pleasant to listen to in general. OH, I LOVE the moment in the beginning, when the vocals come in and the scenery changes from the usual, sunny one to the post-apocalyptic one.  Plus, there’s a nice added detail. In episode 3, Keita didn’t appear in it. Which made me really sad 😦

The plot…… I don’t even know. The thought that this will be a one-season show reassures me, because from this point on, I don’t really think the pace will get slower, because they just don’t have the time to do that. What I really like is the feeling of tension I get, when I remember that the characters must defeat the demons AKA save the world in one week, so no training, no filler episodes, no excessive flashbacks….. only good stuff. Though I hope it won’t feel rushed towards the end. No one can really say for sure.

I swear, 80% of characters I like, or at least start to like freaking DIE. Keita died in the very episode he was introduced. Come on, gimme a break! But I’ll be honest, that wasn’t bad. I don’t feel like we’re forced to feel sorry for that character, but at the same time it’s not like they’re just throwing corpses at us. But why kill off Keita onion-head-donttt

Also, I wonder what is the head of JPs actually planning. The guys we think are good aren’t actually good? Believable. And what the hell does that white haired villain voiced by Takahiro Sakurai want? Btw, that’s Takahiro Sakurai’s second white-haired villain in a row. Fun fact 😀 Well, Makishima really looked much more badass than this one

I like Nitta. She doesn’t cling to the main hero, or require his constant protection. She, pretty much, moves on her own. She isn’t afraid or too stupid to do stuff. Wow. That’s rare for a female anime character. Compared to Daichi, who complained about his demons being weak and didn’t do anything when Nitta was being choked by the professor’s demon, she’s a macho. Let’s see how it goes. I hope she won’t lose steam along the way.

Overall, I’m pretty much content with this show. Bad character designs can’t be helped, but it’s not bad enough to be hard to endure. The plot looks fairly interesting, at this point. I can totally see some sort of a conspiration coming. I just hope it won’t be too cliche, illogical, or too stereotypical. I’m also wondering how will they introduce so many characters in such a short amount of time. I just hope none of them will share Keita’s fate.

I think this show may grow on it’s watchers with time, as opposed to Shingeki no Kyojin, for example, which came out with a big boom. For me, that will be a light watch, just to keep updated. Devil Survivor 2 is very nice, interesting and stuff, but I wouldn’t say it’s amazing or an absolute must of the season. But personally, I would definitely encourage everyone who likes action to watch it, because it’s definitely worth a try.

art & animation – 8/10 (-2 for character designs and fights)
music – 8/10
plot & characters – 8/10

Please, share your thoughts with me!! ^_^

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