First Glance – Shingeki no Kyojin

Oh boy, oh boy. Where do I even begin this. I’ll try not to fangirl much.

So, Shingeki no Kyojin, or Attack on Titan, whichever you prefer, is a new anime from Production I.G. The staff is quite interesting, with Tetsurou araki as a director (Death Note, Guilty Crown, Black Lagoon, HOTD) and Hiroyuki Sawano as a composer (Ao no Exorcist, Mobile Suit Gundam). OH GOD, my ears are twitching in anticipation012

Art Production I.G continues to please the watcher with god damn beautiful shows. I have absolutely NO complaints here. The backgrounds are beautiful, detailed, and so are character designs. The medieval-style city looks gorgeous, I just can’t say enough. Character designs are also very good. Not your classic anime graphics, I must say. Wide outlines look very unusual, unique and they help to make a certain character stand out. And I loved Eren’s facial expressions. How his cute little face twisted in anger and agony. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes those kind of emotions look very wrong and unnatural in most of graphic styles. But here it all looked very natural. I just couldn’t tear my face off the monitor. Also, I have to note the appearance of the giants. Boy, those dudes really look scary and disgusting. Props for making a human face look so creepy. th_113_ Animation was also gorgeous, as well as the color palette, which was chosen perfectly.

Music As I said, Hiroyuki Sawano is a composer for this show. There’s nothing more I could wish for. I’m in love with this man’s works, he’s very, very good. Especially at creating very characteristic music that sets the mood PERFECTLY and makes chills run down your spine. If you’ve already seen episode 1, then you know which scene I’m talking about. Simply earcandy. Opening and ending sequences were also very good. Out of the two, the opening is definitely my favorite. Although the melody gets a little repetitive towards the end, I don’t have complaints here either.

The ending was also great, but I’m not a very big fan of that song. It’s nice, but not my cup of tea. But the idea of the ending was amazing. *bows*

Plot I’ll admit, that at first I was a little skeptical about that storyline. Hell, I’m still not very thrilled at the premise of people just trying to defeat giants, but I don’t think that this ‘flaw’ will tear the show down, because in this case, details have the main say. The perfectly set atmosphere, the music and art. But the thing that’s really getting to me are Eren’s dreams. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE HELL THEY’RE ALL ABOUT! There’s a whole lot more to know about this boy, just too much. I wonder, I wonder…. is he a lost prince or something? 😀 either way. Speaking about Eren, is he used to such an openly protective sister?? (she’s his foster sister, I know) When she told him that she was going with him only to keep him safe, I thought he was going to pull something like “I’m the one who will protect you” or something like that, but he didn’t. That troubles me, to be honest. I don’t want my mc to be all talk and no busyness 12I want a badass macho. Take your time, Eren, but please…. become an honorable warrior. Please. It’ll be interesting to see how will Eren develop, since he seemingly has pretty much no outstanding physical skills. But I don’t think that will be a big problem, because that scenario I have seen a lot of times. Right, Naruto-kun? ^_^

Mikasa looks very suspicious. I wonder, why exactly did the massacre look so familiar to her.(she thought that to herself). And why is she so protective of Eren… and why is she so strong and badass….. I wanna know~ ><” So, a war with giants as a main dish, and as an interesting side dish, several rather ugly skeletons. Sounds perfect for me.

The thing that makes this show all the more appealing is that it’s realistic. It doesn’t sugarcoat the ugliness of the real world, it just waves it in the viewer’s face.Main heroes were saved from the titans, but hunger isn’t much better. (Quite the contrary, if you ask me, I would prefer being eaten alive than starving to death) Our main heroes encounter that problem and the watcher sees it as well. And you really feel like the main heroes have absolutely no chance of victory, because compared to the titans they seem so small, weak and helpless. I like that, it makes you feel the show even more. When you get attached to a character that you’re not entirely sure will survive the battle.

Overall It’s been such a long time since an anime gripped me so hard. And it feels so freaking good. To be honest, I had no idea that this anime was so promising. I just read the synopsis, and decided that I will give it a try, period. But seriously, this turned out so great. Well, at least the first two episodes. I also have to take note that this was one of the best first episodes I have ever seen. That scene, it was a divine blessing, for which I am eternally grateful! I swear, I re-watched it 6 times, and each time I got chills.I’ll repeat myself: this show has a unique atmosphere, which is already very very good. Aside from just being pretty to look at, the BGM is just divine, and pacing is admirable as well. Of course, 2 episodes don’t guarantee that the whole show will be good, but at least the potential is great.


I don’t even know what else to say, everything that comes to me falls flat on it’s face in a ‘mindless fangirling’ category. So, I’ll finish this review with : GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE AND WATCH THIS ANIME IF YOU ALREADY HAVEN’T.

art & animation – 10/10
music – 10/10
plot & characters 8/10

Jaa ne~ Chuuuuuu

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