Psycho-Pass 16


Okay. It was a rather difficult wait because now things are getting so much more interesting, but I get the feeling that the following week will be hell compared to that.


The plot has done a complete 180, for Christ’s sake! Yes, in a direction I was hoping it to go, but on the other hand, there were terribly terrible and terribly unpredictable things happening. Like Kagari…… NOOOOOOOO I don’t want Kagari to diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie~ th_mimio-14 He’s such a sweetie, please, don’t kill him off  TT^TT even though the dominator was on the paralyzer mode, Kagari looked like he was prepared to die. All I can think of right now is that character because I liked him so much onion-head-donttt and that f*cking soda can shot him! Yes, he’s most likely dead, because as Choe noted, if they showed the world the true face about the Sibyl system people would reject it. Come on, as if someone who saw that will be allowed to live. I HATE YOU, GOVERNMENT! TT^TT I liked Kagari so much~ Please, don’t let him die, pleeeeeeeeeeease TT^TT


Okay. In terms of plot development I definitely got what I wanted. From a detective, the storyline of Psycho-Pass moved up the ranks and started to revolve around the system, it’s flaws and merits, the true nature of a human being, instead of just a dog, aka Shinya, and yes, I’m using his first name, because I think it’s gorgeous,  trying to capture a cat, aka Makishima and being through with it. If the show went on like that it wouldn’t have totally sucked, because a dark anime once in a while is like a breath of fresh air. But now, the expectations and hopes for this anime are higher than ever, because, lets be honest, with a plot twist like this, it just HAS to have some balls to back up such a buildup and bring it to a mindblowing climax. (did that sound wrong or is that just my dirty mind….) Right now I’m not sure what will happen in the next episode. I have a general idea but those rays of light are very slim. Will Makishima run away or will the reinforcements arrive in time? Will Kagari die or will he just get his brain washed? Will the government cover up that mini coup d’etat and go on like nothing? Most likely, yes. Choe got killed, after all, and who will show the world ‘the true nature of the Sibyl system’ if not him? Or was he streaming everything he was recording?….. I don’t know O_O Well, it’s possible that if Makishima won’t run away that treacherous can opener will(after miraculously returning to the scene in one piece) ‘take him into custody’ and send him to the same place she had sent Kouzaburou and the team(or what will be left of it) will take the leading role in doing something. o-o Though the setup is less likely to lighten, and even if it did, it would be a terrible waste to loose such a beautiful buildup for nothing.

I haven’t ‘hanged’ for a long, long time and boy, I can’t even tell am I loving it or hating it. I’m so painfully curious to know what happens to Kagari, and first of all, what did they see, what amazed and elated Chou so much?? My imagination is running wild at the moment, I can see people like Shougo himself inside the main computer/control / brain, call it whatever, or a single person, or a massive amount of brains or……. I don’t know, but there has to be something terribly wrong in this machine, and boy, I don’t want to feel disappointed. It’s interesting how the director focused our whole attention on how the Sibyl system is good or bad, how it affects people’s lives, in a positive, or a negative way, should it exist or not, etc. So much that nobody really thought about the machine itself. I thought about it, because human brain is far too complex for any machine to decipher but then brushed it off with a phrase “It’s the future. Who knows, how far have they come”, especially after seeing all those interesting gadgets and stuff. But now, I understand that a pile of metal will never be able to understand and judge as efficiently. Human mind has to be involved in some way, because otherwise, the judging  of Seville would have been too rough and stereotypic, like judging absolutely all people with gray eyes beautiful, when in reality, if you have gray eyes, it doesn’t mean you’re breathtakingly beautiful. Urobuchi-sensei definitely fooled us there, and to be honest, I’m loving it. It’s been a while since any anime made me think seriously and surprised me with presenting something that I missed, even though it was just under my nose. Though that too may be an exaggeration. Anyone in my place would brush it off and blame it on future and all the amazing technology we got to see. But still, it makes me happy.

The chemistry between Shinya and Akane is only getting stronger. I definitely ship this pairing, because they weirdly suite each other. I can’t really understand on what kind of a phase they’re on. They’re good partners, but also nice friends. Not extremely close, but they understand each other like nobody’s business, and they suite each other, on top of that. Though the weird thing is that there is no recessive side in this, lets say, relationship. Akane is definitely dominant, because regardless of the fact that she’s usually calm, collected, more or less docile and a liiiiiittle timid sometimes, she can get up and do things, without relying on someone, just by herself, on her own accord. On the other side we have Shinya, who is also not a recessive type of a person, though he doesn’t get himself involved with the unnecessary stuff. He’s independent but in my opinion, he’s more autonomous, rather than dominant. That’s why they’re an interesting pairing. On the other hand, I’m starting to feel nervous for Gino-chan. Because of the fear of his hue darkening, he’s dancing on his tippy-toes and following orders too strictly and too much. Without questioning at all. Okay, following orders is your job, but all humans are prone to curiosity, so show at least some sign of being an individual. No. I’m convinced that that’s because of the fear for his coefficient, because he trusts the system, he trusts it’s decisions and doesn’t question them. As long as he does that he’s guaranteed to ‘do the right thing’ and not randomly becoming a latent criminal the instant he thinks that the mission he was given is inadequate and he has to change the target or whatever into a more acceptable one. Like killing Makishima, for instance. What are you going to question him about? Officially closing the case means nothing if you’re sure that this is the person pulling the strings. If you get that main character down from the stage, all the problems will subside and accordingly, the case won’t need to be officially solved and closed. Come on, Gino-chan, turn on your brain! You’re a smart guy, we all know!

What the hell happened to that old bitch??? I have no idea what that might have been. Makishima? I’m not sure. OOOOOOOH, I want the next episode now!!! Regardless of the fact that it doesn’t fully exist yet. th_116_

The thing I just have to note at this point is the music. I have to admit, I like that electric rock-type music, it creates a perfect atmosphere for psycho-pass. And I can’t help but think of the word ‘heroic’ when I hear that track, you know, the one that played when Shinya fought the guards, until Makishima showed up. It’s epic and delivers the emotions well. Though the composer for Psycho-Pass, Yuugo Kanno, isn’t so well-known, as it turned out. He doesn’t have a lot of anime works either. Too bad, I hope to see more of him soon. And lastly….. the opening really bothers me. I’m a complete sucker for a good opening and I always search for any kind of interesting symbolism that may give me an idea about the plot development. Usually that trick works with a lot of good anime. Try taking FMA’s, or Kuroshitsuji’s or Vampire Knight’s opening and think, which actions taken in the opening may call out to the events in the actual show and you’ll be amazed. Though I don’t know how to decipher the Psycho-Pass opening. Everyone is lying on the ground except for Shinya, everyone is walking towards Makishima except Shinya, and so on. That symbolism scares me.


*   *   *

Overall, I’m loving this show to bits, regardless of all it’s flaws. I certainly don’t think it’s on the same level with Code Geass, or Fullmetal, or Soul Eater… For now. Honestly, right now my hopes for this show are sky-high and if it meets them, I’ll be pretty content and happy. Psycho-Pass definitely has a potential, because it has a nice setting with interesting problems thrown in. Subjects, that actually make you think and relate to the characters, because a system similar to that is sure appear somewhere in the future so you’d better know what flaws a new system may have. Either way, I love this show. Everyone should. At least, it’s a definite breath of fresh air in the current anime climate, so you should be grateful 😛

Please, share your thoughts with me!! ^_^

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