[First Impression] Amnesia


Bishie fest of Winter 2013

An otome game adaptation for this season. I’m getting into game adaptations lately, because it’s very interesting how can a director squeeze multiple storylines into one anime. These kind of shows are a great research material if your interested in this kind of stuff, or if you want to be a director in the future, I think. Most of the game adaptations I watched were not great, to say the least. The last one I watched was Arcana Famiglia, so I’m coming into this anime rather cautiously, but I think I’m not going to face as much disappointment. This looks a lot more promising, though it still doesn’t promise to grab stars from the sky.

Art & Music

I love art for Amnesia. It reminds me of Starry Sky, with a little bit of Uraboku mixed in. I love good art in anime, as I already said a million times. Who doesn’t? I don’t really understand people that don’t really care what they look at. Actually, there are some great anime that I don’t watch because the art is so terrible, and I can’t do anything about it. It’s just impossible for me to watch an anime, no matter how amazing the plot is, if the art doesn’t look at least a little bit pretty. But plot still matters to me quite a bit. Amnesia has beautiful art, that already adds a reason for me to like it. The part of the character designs that may be a love/hate thing for the watchers is the clothing. Usually I’m not very tolerant towards overly-fashionable bishonens in anime because that’s just a too direct fanservice, or a desperate attempt to make the male lead likable, call it either one. Amnesia suffers a little bit from that, and there are nuances I like and dislike. I like the fashion in this anime in general, because in anime, I like to look at pretty stuff that in real life, nobody would wear. A lot of details, accessories, etcetera. Though in an adequate amount. While the character and clothing designs in this anime are quite detailed and kinky, they’re not too in your face and unreal. Only those torn pieces of cloth around Toma’s and Shin’s waists….. WTF is that? Okay, I get it that the artists wanted them to look colorful but edgy at the same time. But that one detail was not a very good idea. The others I’ve seen are nice. Oh, I LOVED the uniforms of the cafe. I think they looked really pretty and classy *~* Also, I love that the characters have bright, multicolored eyes. That’s also a very nice, fresh and crisp accent. Other than character designs, the backgrounds were also good, realistic, colorful and fit the characters in regards of the design. Unlike, for example, Natsuyuki Rendezvous, where backgrounds were all soft, pastel, to make the characters stand out more. Here, the visuals are in harmony. The animation is clean, but certainly not great and out of the ordinary.

BGM was nothing special. The xylophone melody is nice. Sounds sweet and girly, but the vibe of soft sadness and mystery they tried to convey through using this exact instrument isn’t that strong. It’s nice, but falls into “meh” category, which I would describe as – doesn’t make your ears bleed, but is plain and forgettable. Other OSTs we’ve heard so far are also just like that, not bad but completely average. The OP-ED sequences were really the highlight for music in this show. While the BGM was not as great, I liked the opening and ending a lot. I loved the opening the most, because the song was catchy as it is, and on top of that, Nagi was singing it. Heaven~ I really love her voice, I think she can give almost any song a level up. The ending is also nice, almost dark but not really. I know, this sounds weird but I don’t know how to describe it well enough. All in all, soundtracks were pretty much miserable but the opening and ending saved the deal a little bit. I’m also quite glad that they didn’t use romantic and sweet stereotype shoujo music for them.

Plot & Characters

Well, I’ll be honest – I’m not expecting much from this anime because, well.. it is an otome game adaptation and it’s supposed to be just several guys trying to win over one girl. But compared to others I know, this one is a little bit more interesting. Because of that confusing beginning of the first episode. First, the heroine was in a house that was caught on fire. Then, she gets thrown into the water. Then, she appears in the street and after that comes to at work, in the maid cafe. So what happened, you say, Orion? I think you’re a lying little mosquito. Even though you are kind of cute. But you’re still lying, I just smell it.

I like the main heroine. She is kinda slow but what can you do – she has an amnesia. I’m glad she didn’t start to freak out in hysteria and just tried to appear normal. Though if her best friends won’t notice a change in her behavior, this will become one of the biggest facepalms of the year. Come on, you feel free around your BFFs, right? What if you suddenly start acting all formal around them, won’t they notice that, come on! I certainly hope they do notice that our main heroine isn’t acting herself. IF they’re actually her best friends, that is. At this point we won’t know for sure.

The end of the first episode made me happy a little bit. I would be glad if the heroine turned out not such a goody-two-shoes as she appears now, because it would make stuff realistic. All shoujo heroins can’t be personified kindness, innocence and honesty. You know what it remind me of, a movie called 13 going on 30 , where the main heroine goes to the future and finds out that she grew up to be a terrible bitch. It’s kinda the same, though the other way around. Instead of a bad future, she may discover some dirty laundry in her past. Who am i kidding, that won’t happen in anime. TT^TT

It’s a little early to judge, but we seemingly have the whole set of bishies you may wish for in a game. A tsundere, a womanizer, a lolishota, a seemingly immature guy who is actually the wisest and so on. Nothing especially bad or good here either. In the end, it’ll all be about the details.


art & animation – 8/10
plot & characters – 6/10
music – 6/10 (JUST because of the OP/ED sequences)
overall – 7/10
Expectation rate – LOW

Just how I said it – I’m not expecting much from this anime, but I’ll keep on watching it, just for the bishies. After the first season of Kuroko no Basket ended I needed a show with some bishie fanservice and this may just be it. Of course, Amnesia’s bishies will never be able to replace Kuroko no Basket bishies, but I’m stuck with this until the spring season anyway so I might as well give this a shot. Of course if it won’t be good I’ll drop it without a second thought but the idea of missing a nice show and then being lazy to watch it doesn’t sound nice, because I’ve been doing that waaaay too much lately.

As I already said, I’m not expecting much from this show plot-wise. But who knows, in the end, details may be the thing that will drag this anime from the pit of ordinariness into a lighter place. I’ll believe in that, because in that case this would become quite a nice watch for romance anime lovers. I’m looking forward to watching this! ^_^

Please, share your thoughts with me!! ^_^

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