Psycho-Pass [1-11]

 This fall, THE release for me was K Project. I was super-duper hyped about it ever since I saw the announcement and the trailer. Needless to say I was disappointed with what I got, so to find some kind of consolation I decided to check out Psycho-Pass. I haven’t seen a whole lot of Detective anime and haven’t watched one since Gosick, so the idea seemed all the more interesting. And boy, am I glad that I watched it! . First of all, the graphics are great. Detailed, dark, laconic character designs and beautiful backgrounds. The animation is clean most of the time and steps up at the crucial moments. I love it, Psycho-Pass is such an eyecandy to me. Considering a fancervice named Kougami Shinya, flashing his skin from time to time. Yum totally-naughty-panda-emoticon-17

I love the music in this anime. There’s this one melody that’s so painfully familiar yet I can’t remember the name. It plays during Senguuji’s ‘hunting’. It’s haunting me ever since the 10th episode came out so please, save me from my suffering 😀 Anyways, I love the BGM in this anime. Especially the forceful, intense music. It’s always playing at the right time and fits the scenes perfectly. Like when Makishima killed Yuki, I had chills running down my spine. Man, that was nice! The music is also fitting for Psycho-Pass world. A bit dark and quite forceful, though calm and not over-the-top jazz kind of music which seems to be trendy nowadays. Great. Also, I like the OP sequence a lot. The ED is okay, but the opening is rather nice and characteristic. I feel like “Abnormalize” was written about Psycho-Pass. The words of this song reflect that world perfectly

Now, about the plot itself. While the detective premise itself isn’t all that fresh and interesting, I find a twist it has in Psycho-Pass quite nice and interesting. I love it when anime gives me some thinking material and this show certainly did. I was thinking about the Sibyl system, how does it really change a person’s life, does it make your life better or worse and why, is a computer even fit to direct people with their lives? And even had a quarrel with Highway on Metanorn’s post on Psychopass’ 11th episode. To me, that system is unacceptable for a number of reasons. Of course, the system is and should be always doubted, but to me, Sibyl is something that with time, will just wipe out human race as it is. People will become inert, plantlike beings with no backbone or feeling of determination. But that’s not the point here.

The plot promises something interesting in the future. Especially now, after Makishima murdered Yuki in front of Akane, the latter will start to doubt the Sibyl system, I’m more or less sure of that. He DID slit Yuki’s throat while dominator didn’t recognize him as a criminal. Maybe there will even be some king of a turnover, maybe Psycho-Pass will become a political detective, who knows? Though I would love that because I’m a sucker for any kind of anime/movie/book like that. And it would be a nice twist too, because there’s not much of good anime like that.

There are 2 things that I don’t like about Psycho-Pass. None of them are to be considered objective, but still. First ofall, I just don’t get that scene with Kougami and Akane in the 2nd episode. You don’t just spill your guts to a person you’ve known for one day who, on top of that, shot you. No matter the reason they shot you, no matter that they’re your boss. I just find it hard to believe that you would naturally tell a person you just met about your worries and dreams. On top of that all, the whole emotional, trying-to-get-off-the-bed-but-failing-because-of-immense-pain scene felt kinda out of place. I don’t know about you, but I’m just to embarrassed myself to watch that scene. The second thing is Akane. I like her character in general, but the way she acted when Makishima dared her to shoot from that shotgun… that was just pathetic. I know, that was a critical situation and I’m not sure about how I would have acted in her place. Considering the era she grew up in, the ideologies and methods of that world. Probably if Akane and I were both in a situation like that, I would’ve been more likely to shoot Makishima’s ass off with that shotgun, because friends are one of the most important things in my life. While Akane wavered in uncertainty and fear. That’s the thing, she’s a detective, and yet she’s not prepared to take someone’s life at all. The duty of a detective is to protect but sometimes that means taking someone’s life to protect other people. Akane didn’t do that because while using the dominator, she felt that it was the right thing. The Sibyl system decided that this person needs to die so it’s okay to shoot. That way, a detective or the enforcement officer don’t really feel the weight of that difficult decision. While holding a normal gun Akane felt that. She felt that the trigger would not be locked. It was just waiting for her to push her finger and that was it – the bullet would come out. And it would shoot either Makishima, or Yuki. She couldn’t make that decision, which, in the end, resulted in Yuki’s death. Now Akane will most likely become a stronger character, but I still found her rather pathetic and weak at that point. Let’s see how she further develops.

I love Makishima as a villain for this anime. I think they could not have chosen a better antagonist than him. He reminds me of Izaya Orihara from Durarara, btw. Though Izaya has more respect for human life and likes to see how people struggle to live, not to kill or die. Makishima is more vicious and evil, and his existence alone proves that Sibyl system has a big flaw.

Art/Animation – 9/10
Plot/Characters – 8/10
BGM – 9/10
Overall – 8.5/10

Psycho-Pass definitely isn’t the best anime I have ever watched. The pacing is a little slow at the beginning, but it gets faster towards the latest episodes. Most of the villains were pretty much mediocre, besides Oryo Rikako, wich I’ve fallen in love with. Isn’t she a perfect psychopath? I think she is an amazing serial killer. Interesting, a little freaky and has an actual motive. Great! Too bad she got killed off already though TT^TT Besides that I don’t really have complaints. I actually see a rather good potential in this anime and can’t wait to see how it blooms.

Thank you for reading and please, share your thoughts about Psycho-Pass with me!! Jaa ne~

Please, share your thoughts with me!! ^_^

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