Christmas DIY – Snowglobe

Honestly, I haven’t made one of these myself yet. I’ve had trouble looking for epoxy and lost my motivation long ago. Though I still wanted to share this technique with you. Please, read on~!! ^_^

What you will need:

  • A nice jar with a lid that closes tightly.
  • Ceramic or plastic figurines or ornaments.
  • Distilled water.
  • Glitter, any kind of sparkles and/or fake snow.
  • Liquid Glycerin.
  • Epoxy.

First, you want to start out with a nice, clean jar and ornaments. Take your epoxy and glue your ornaments to the lid and let them dry. You can add almost any kind, size and quantity of them. Be creative!

While the lid is drying, take your jar, fill it with distilled water, sprinkle some glitter or fake snow, preferably a little more than you think you need. Then, pour in some liquid Glycerin, 3 teaspoons for every glass of water.

Then, take your lid with the ornaments. You wanna make sure the glue is completely dry before closing the jar, otherwise, the ornaments will fall off. Tightly screw the lid to the jar, and Voilà~ Your hand made snow globe is finished! This will make a great gift for your friends and family. They’re not very elaborate or fancy gifts, but very heartwarming, because they were made by you!


  • You can add different kinds of glitter, very fine, holographic kind, in different shapes and colors. That will make your globe more fun! Just remember, the bigger and chunkier the glitter you put in your globe is, the more Glycerin you will have to add. An extra teaspoon should do the trick.
  • You can decorate your snow globe as you want. Use cute ribbons or stickers, anything you like. Be creative! You can take a wide jar with a high lid, and when you’re done making the globe, wrap a wide, patterned ribbon around it. You can just tie it, or even glue it to the lid. Or instead of making a traditional snow globe, leave it standing as a normal jar and instead of gluing the figurines to the lid, use threads and hang the ornaments. Just make sure they’re heavy enough not to float on the top of the jar, or use an old bracelet. You can also put photos inside, glue the ornaments to the bottom of the jar itself… there are countless options!
  • Depending on the materials the lid and the ornaments are made of, the epoxy may need different periods of time to dry, so you may have to do a little bit of research. But if you’re like me, just stick those toys onto  the lid, leave it for several hours and see what will happen.

I hope, this tutorial was helpful! I love trying out different DIY Christmas decorations and I think that’s only natural – the desire to make your home look as pretty as possible during this time of the year and not break the budget. If you try this out, make sure to leave a picture in the comments, I would LOVE to see it!! Thanks again! And here are some pics to boost your inspiration and creativity 😀

Happy Holidays~



Please, share your thoughts with me!! ^_^

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