Update~!! No, really.


Wow, I haven’t posted for over 2 months!!! I feel so guilty for my boor blog TT^TT and also, for being lazy. But so much happened in these two months!!!!!

I finally started Uni, that’s the biggest change. It’s pretty difficult to get used to the unusual schedule. I thought that if I would have only a couple of lectures with several hours in between it would have been much easier for me, but to be honest, in some ways, that’s much worse than sitting in school for 6 hours straight. Sometimes I hang out with friends, yes, but for most part, I have to run back and forth between the Uni and my house. Thank god I live near, only 10-15 minutes away on the bus. Some of my friends are from other regions and they live pretty far away from the center, so I’m thankful for that. Also, it was very difficult to get used to the fact that nobody will help you – you’re completely on your own. In everything, starting from the info about a lecture you missed, on to the events that are being held in the/by the University. You have to run around and find out everything on your own. But I think I’m slowly adjusting to having too much freedom. Yay~

I also started(and finished) watching a new anime – Kuroko no Basket ^_^ ( I also started watching Nabari no Ou, but I’m not that fond of it) This is such a fangirl fest show!!! But I’ll keep it to myself, because I plan to write a full review for the first season. Also, I have an idea about trying to analyze several characters, each in their individual post. Plus, I’ll add some interesting info, wallpapers and just graphic goodies. After all, I definitely can fangirl over this show a LOT. And that means a LOT. Anyways, for now, it’ll be all. But I swear, I’m going to publish posts more regularly. Idk for whom they will be, but still, I feel really guilty for not updating and for not writing at all for these past 2 months. I kinda miss the feeling of my keyboard against my fingers~  I know, I’m a weirdo 

Jaa ne~

Please, share your thoughts with me!! ^_^

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