Tadaimaa~ ^O^ NR ep.6, Tari-Tari ep. 7 and random whining ^^;

At last I’m back home from my dad’s place. It was nice to see my little bro(call him little but he’s 12 and he’s already 1m 70cm oO”) and little sister. But they can be SO GODDAMN ANNOYING sometimes. Add the fact that I dislike kids from 4 to 14 years. I don’t particularly hate children, but that age group has the unique psychic characteristics that I just can’t stand no matter what. For example, when they want something and you just can’t make them understand why they can’t have it. URGGGh mukatskuuuuu ><”

Well, that aside. I finally got to watch new episodes of Tari Tari and Natsuyuki Rendezvous, and I love both of them. I think I’ll do separate review posts for both of them, though more likely I’ll do only NR, because I have more thoughts about it. I’t more on the serious side, rather than Tari Tari, that’s more lighthearted. Anyways, thnx 4 reading ^O^

Please, share your thoughts with me!! ^_^

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