Tari Tari ED single ~Shiokaze no Harmony


1. 潮風のハーモニー [Shiokaze no Harmony]
2. Triple Smiley
3. 潮風のハーモニー [Shiokaze no Harmony] INST.
4. Triple Smiley INST.


Yatta~  It’s out, it’s out!!! I haven’t been so hyped about a single album release since….. 11eyes Sequentia album, I think. Whoa, that was in 2009/2010. That’s a long time alright. Anyways. It’s finally ooooooout~ I can’t believe how much I enjoy these songs!! And not because they’re generally very melodic, or because of the good arrangements, or because of exceptionally beautiful instrumentals/vocals/lyrics. I love it because it makes me feel good. Unfortunately, there aren’t many songs in my list that can lift my mood and make me smile, but Shiokaze no Harmony and, also, Triple Smiley are now in that list. For some reason I love songs that are performed by a group of seiyuus from the show, because that way the song is more connected to the anime. And plus, chorus vocals like in SnH and TS are just pleasant to listen to. Not only for me, but generally. Singing both of them is pure and brightest pleasure, and if listening or even singing these won’t make you smile, you need to check your meds. And btw, I couldn’t find any lyrics for Shiokaze no Harmony or Triple Smiley through Google, so I will write them myself ! ^^ Well, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get the last one, but I promise you SnH lyrics, and if I’m(or you’re) lucky, I’ll complete them today. ^^ Also, you can download Shiokaze no Harmony single here, here and here. Have fun~ 

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