Natsuyuki Rendezvous ep.5

Okay. The plot twists get bolder, crazier and more… sexual ???? oO””

I would’ve never thought that the scene from the OP that I loved so much would literally appear in the anime. This show is shocking me more and more O_O I don’t even have an idea, where to start and where to finish, so much is going on in my poor chaotic brain. So, let’s try:

First of all, I never thought that there would be a perspective for Hazuki’s body to be completely taken over by Atsushi for such a long period of time. That turns the story in a completely different direction, and now NR is much more than just a romantic drama about a guy that tried to conquer a widow’s heart(leaving the ghostly problems aside) but now, we’ve got another problem at our hands. Well, I don’t think that this really will be a problem, because Atsushi is way too attached to Rokka to leave and make her think that Hazuki ran away or got tired of her or anything like that. Nor do I think he will be able to treat her coldly to make her dislike Hazuki, because, well, at that point, if she hates Hazuki, she hates Atsushi as well. After all, they’re 2 in 1 for the time being. I wonder, how will this situation resolve…. Aah, it’s so interesting~  Will Hazuki try ti finish Atsushi’s sketchbook? Now I think that that metaphor is the answer to everything. Well, after the 4th episode I thought that the key to the situation is Atsushi’s approval. I think that it’s partially truth, but it turned out that there’s more to it. The problem lies deep within Atsushi’s soul, maybe even further and deeper, than his feelings for Rokka. They might have acted as a trigger, but I get the feeling, that it started before that. That’s not hard to be, considering the difficulties he had to face starting from his early childhood. Uwaaah~ doki-doki suruu~ mite mitaaaaii~ 

Aside from the plot, this episode was quite touching. Especially at the beginning, when Atsushi… or Hazuki… well Atsushi is the one who cried, but the body does belong to Hazuki… Okay then, like this: Especially at the beginning, when Hazushi(wow, so original) cried. It made me tear up a bit myself. And then, the contact lenses scene. Quite quiet and settle, but still funny in a way. But MAN, did Hazuki look good in those glasses *~* and then, with the new haircut. I’m quite pleasantly surprised ! 

So.. how many times must I say that I love this show. It’s really, really nice. I would change some stuff, like periodic wobblyess of the animation, or several tracks from the BGM(I like some tracks, but I’m not fond of other ones). Generally, however, the plot itself and all of it’s unexpected turns and twists(AKA “Will you let me wash your back in the bath?”). Even the small chatter with Rokka’s weird associations and metaphors seems surprisingly pleasant and watchable. I have only one more thing to say : Keep impressing me in that way, NR !!

Please, share your thoughts with me!! ^_^

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