I’m a Uni student now!!! ^_^ *the sulking part*

I can’t believe that this year is over. It was crazy, I was dreaming of this very moment of freedom but it was amazingly hard to imagine. At this point, I feel kind of uncomfortable because I don’t have to study anything for now. After literally pulling all-nighters studying and making notes for the whole year it feels so weird. But I, and also all of my friends and kids who passed Nationals this year, deserve this sweet freedom, because this year’s exams were nothing like we expected and in a bad kind of way. All of them were much harder, as if the examination center was trying to make students fail as much as they can. Well, at some point this is correct, because the percentage of idiots in universities these days(leaving the country itself aside) is just sad. People decide to go to the university just to be able to brag that they have higher education. More then half of the people of that diploma can’t even work in their “specialty”. This is just embarrassing, really. That’s why I agree with the so-called ‘strategy’ the examination center came up with. However, they went a little bit overboard this year. The difficulty of several exams was just insane, and I had the bad luck to write the most difficult tasks in Georgian and Logic. Plus, they cut down 7 points from the 2nd writing task in G. exam for kami knows what. On that essay, I got 9 points out of 25(!) for something that I have no idea about, when usually, I never got below 20. It was devastating to understand and accept that they cut down points only to earn money from the protest letter, which costs 50 GEL(about 35$). How nice is that? Now someone else also got my precious points that I deserved with my sweat and blood added to their poor results. At first I was enraged, and seriously wanted to stab someone  . Then, I calmed down a bit and wanted to break something . Surprisingly, I didn’t do anything like that. Then, pure anger waved over me again and I just wanted to go to the EC and kick their butts  But I obviously couldn’t do that. The only thing I could do, was to calm down and stop running around the apartment and screaming bad words.  And after I finally calmed down I wanted to sit in the corner for eternity, sulking and smoking.  I know, this was a long and emotional story, and I hope you didn’t die of boredom and hearing things you’re not interested in. But anyways.. In the end, nothing changed since the USSR times. That’s the lesson that I learned.

I’m done depressing over it, and I’m not going to protest my mark either. 58/80 isn’t so bad, considering the average mark this year is 46(a bit more, than I expected, but still too low, considering the subject) and also, I don’t want to let anyone put my money in their wallet. It’s not much, but still, that a matter of principals. So, go fuck yourselves, Examination Center’s staff! I’m done!!! 

Please, share your thoughts with me!! ^_^

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