[First Impression] Natsuyuki Rendezvous

This is probably the show I was most excited about this season. Well, besides Code Geass Gaiden : Boukoku no Akito, but that’s an OVA, so it doesn’t really count.  I laid my eyes on Natsuyuki Rendezvous the second I saw it in the summer season releases list. I liked the story, because it seemed very sweet but bitter as well, and as I said a million times before, I started to like those Slice of Life, Feel-Good, calm shows. Finally it’s out for all of us to enjoy. I know, I’m a little late with this, but I hope, you’ll forgive me. Read on~ o(^o^)o

So, where do I begin. I guess I’ll start with the art, traditionally. I loved and, at the same time, hated the backgrounds. What were they done with?? Reminds me of watercolor, but at the same time looks digital.  The structure of the graphics looked a little weird sometimes. That can be a hit or miss, so the producers got pretty risky with that.

A pretty close call, if you ask me. Making the background stand out is pretty dangerous, because it can overpower the characters, or just don’t look good. But here, background is not so loud, despite the vivid color palette, and somehow, suits the character design. It looks really weird and unusual to me, but not in a bad way. Character designs were nice, but nothing special. The only thing I did like was that Rokka had blue eyes. I think, giving a dark haired character bright, colorful eyes is a good accent. Aside from that, animation was also pretty nice and clean. Definitely not good, but still decent. Especially I loved a couple of moments in the opening, but I’ll talk about that in a sec. What I noticed, was that when the characters were speaking, their lip flops matched the words they were saying, and I liked that a lot. It’s a thing you rarely come across in anime.

Now, about the plot. It’s rather nice and emotional, the type that touches your heart. I would say that we were thrown in a little bit abruptly, a little bit too fast. Though it’s not that bad. At one point, I like it, because most of the introductions were done with in the first episode and we didn’t get a several-ep intro. That’s good. And the other thing I liked about the plot is the fact, that it didn’t turn out as I expected. I expected some more mushiness, cheeziness and a little bit of bubbly space. It turned out to be a lot simpler, but it definitely didn’t disappoint me. A lot less cliches, and that’s a huge plus. It’s pretty laconic, without any overwhelming, overly shoujo-ish details. Much like a grown-up romantic story.

The thing I wasn’t impressed with at all, was the music.  BGM wasn’t that nice and to be honest, even irritated me a little bit. I hope it would’ve been softer, more melodic. Well, most of the scenes were awkward so they had fitting tracks there, but I didn’t like them at all. It’s still too early to judge, but my first impression isn’t as good  as I hoped it would be in that department. The thing I LOVED was the OP/ED sequences. I prefer the OP more, but both of them were really nice.

Artist – Yuuya Matsushita
Song – Mune Kyun-kei no Ballad 
 Single Album Release Date – I can’t find it anywhere. Wasn’t it announced?? >> Please, tell me, if you know the date, okay? ^^

 This opening wins thanks to several really nice and beautiful moments. I liked the flashing portraits of Hazuki, Rokka, Atsushi and Miho, they looked really nice, touching and characteristic. But the most beautiful moment was at 1:07 , I loved the segmented, non-fluid animation, I loved how they drew the waves, and how….. dramatic they made Hazuki’s hair. Sounds funny, but all other ways I could explain it are even funnier 😀 Anyways, that moment was very characteristic and touching. Also, I LOVE Yuuya matsushita. Especially, after hearing Kuroshitsuji II‘s 2nd ending “Bird“, it’s a gorgeous, gorgeous song. Mune Kyun-Kei Ballad is just as adorable, warm and touching. It fit the opening and the atmosphere of the show really well. In fact, I think that no one else would have been able to offer a more fitting song.

Artist – Natsuyuki Fuyuhana
Song – Anata ni Deawanakereba 

I’m not impressed with the ending sequence that much, though it’s nice as well. The ending is focusing on an emotional song, rather than on a combination of graphics and music. Though the drawing in the ED looked beautiful. ❤


 Art & animation – 7/10
Plot – 8.5/10
Music – 8 ( +1 point for OP/ED sequences. But the BGM was still bad) 
Overall – 8/10 

If I had to describe this show with one word, it would be charming. It’s very different from all the anime I watched so far, but I like it. It’s unusual, a little strange, even. With interesting backgrounds and accents.. I think, I’m going to enjoy this show. Yes, music was pretty much a letdown, but I can bear with it if the plot will develop well. Though I have to say that this is the type of anime that definitely won’t be appreciated by a lot of viewers. As I said, it’s like a grown up love story, without any shoujo-ish twists and details. I don’t think that NR will spoil us with overly mushy and sweet stuff either. I hope I’m mistaking though, because this is the best show of the season I watched so far.

Please, share your thoughts with me!! ^_^

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