Updated design and Exams ramble

I’m pretty much a design/theme addict. I love changing the design of Katsuragi, because even if I love the theme I’m using currently, I grow tired of it pretty fast.

I think, that this theme is much better than Splendio, because it’s simpler and lately, I’ve been noticing, that it’s kinda difficult to read in Splendio. I hope, that this theme will be better because it’s simpler, lighter and it’s not as busy as the previous theme. I’m not sure, how this will work out. I will try to think up a way to jazz this theme up a little bit more, because I’m a little bit worried about Katsuragi being plain, rather than simple. Well, I think I will make a poll, so any coincidental visitors will vote(hopefully) and I will get a slight idea of what to do.

Leaving that topic aside, yesterday I had a second national exam in foreign language, and I chose Russian. I wasn’t sure, whether to choose Russian or English, but I chose Russian, because I don’t know English grammar, and I thought that there would be a lot of grammar-related exercises in the exam. But I got trolled – there were almost no grammar questions. But anyway, I’m still content with how I handled Russian, so it’s just as good. Not, 2 exams are left to go – Geography and Logic. I’m pretty calm about the Logic, but Geography terribly bothers me. I just can’t stop shivering every time I think, what questions will I get. Brrrrrrrrrrr

Please, share your thoughts with me!! ^_^

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