[First Impression] La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia

zAah, bishies, bishies~ I felt so lonely without you ~o~

It’s been so long since I last enjoyed my bishie goodness anime~!! But it’s never too late, and I think that anime rarely leaves out this genre. :3 This time, I’m being treated by La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia. As usual for Otome goodies, bad plot, but nice bishies :3 So, without further ado~

Traditionally, I will start by bitching about the art. Actually, I don’t have a lot of complaints. I like the art style, it’s kinda dark, but colorful at the same time. The contrast between bright colors and very dark shadows gives off this very interesting vibe, that I, personally, love. Also, I loved the character designs. There definitely are some crazy details, but it’s not too heavy or over the top. Each character has one unique characteristic, is quite recognizable and it’s really nice. I love more classic anime graphics – when eyes are a lot more detailed than other features. Also, the proportions, body shapes, etc. Arcana Famiglia has that classic anime graphic style, without making it too cute or loli, so it’s another plus. As for the animation it’s quite nice. A little bit wobbly, and inaccurate at a couple of moments, but still nice. I liked the fighting scenes, especially some of the angles. For example, when Felicita challenged Papa. It was quite good. Of course, it could’ve been better, but oh well.

As for music, SFX and sound in general, I wasn’t impressed either. Music was not bad, but definitely stuck in the ‘ordinary’ section. The OP-ED sequences weren’t bad either, but I was rather disappointed. Especially by the opening.

Artist – Harada Hitomi 
Song – Magenta another sky  
Single Album Release Date – Aug. 8, 2012 

openings like that (that contain no complex scenes, aren’t really creative) must have good music, flawless animation and art  not to be so painfully dull and uninteresting. I wouldn’t say that Magenta another sky is a terrible song, but it’s just.. meh, nothing special. The same goes for the opening animation itself. A couple of moments were nice, the rest was also meh. No interesting angles, no interesting animation, even the epic scene at the end, where everybody was badass, standing side to side wasn’t epic at all. It even seemed a bit out of place, and didn’t fit the music at all. I didn’t expect anything great, but I hoped for something better than this, to be honest.

Artist – Jun Fukuyana & Tsubasa Yonaga (AKA Liberta and Nova)
Song – Pieces of Treasure
 Single Album Release Date – Sep. 5, 2012

So, the ending isn’t anything special as well. Just some nice images, that I actually think are really pretty. The song is also nothing special, though I prefer it to the OP song. As I said in my previous post, I like it, when seiyuus from the show are performing OP/Ed songs. That way, the sequence has more connection to the anime, and isn’t a stand-alone.

The BGM was nice, but also not impressive. Pretty neutral, if you ask me. It’s too early to say, but I think the OST album won’t be too popular, because it’s the type of the music that may fit the anime perfectly, but be absolutely nothing on it’s own. I don’t want to be mean or anything, but it’s just what I think. As for the sound itself, it was…. normal. The only thing I was irritated about are those “Uh”, “Eh” and other sighs that hit my ear every several seconds. That’s one of my greatest pet peeve in anime – why the hell do you need to emit sounds every time someone calls your name?! ><“”

The only redeeming feature of this anime are Seiyuus. The seiyuu cast is really impressive. Noto Mamiko, Fukuyama Jun, Tsubasa Yonaga (after first couple of seconds I was like “HANABUSA_KUUUUUUUUUUUN~ >3<“), Nakamura Yuuichi and Tomokazu Sugita , to name the few. Somehow, I find resemblance between Arcana Famiglia and Uraboku. Even though they’re quite different, the bouquets are similar. Both by J.C Staff, Both have kinda dark art (well, Uraboku is quite a bit darker than Arcana Famiglia, but there’s resemblance in the type of the graphics and color palette), both have strong seiyuu cast but lack the unique story and high-quality execution. Well, we shall see, how it will turn out.

End Thoughts

Art & Animation – 8/10
Plot & Storyline – 6/10
Music – 5/10 
Overall – 6.5/10 

I know, I’ve been  very strict and stingy with the points, but this show just doesn’t deserve any more, if you ask me. I don’t think it will turn out great, but I’m still gonna follow it, just for the bishies. What I noticed about J.C Staff works is that most of the time they’re not so good at executing and managing the storyline. But they’re amazing at setting atmosphere. Once again, we shall see how it will turn out. Maybe J.C Staff will surprise us with some unexpected twists? Though it’s not very likely for an Otome Game adaptation. Bishies, bishies and bishies! At least, we won’t be disappointed on this angle of Arcana Famiglia :3

Please, share your thoughts with me!! ^_^

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