[First Impression] Tari Tari

First show in such a long time!!!! FINALLY!!! TToTT

Finally, after being absent for so long, I’m slowly coming back to anime community. And the show that leads my way here this time is Tari Tari. It seems that after watching Kimi to Boku I’m getting into Slice of Life shows more and more, because I’m pretty sure, that a year ago, I would ignore this show without a thought. But anyways, I’m content with what I got, and if you’re interested with what exactly, then keep on reading! ^^


Reviewing quality of the art and animation of a P.A Works show is kinda stupid, so I’ll go in a bit different direction. One of the few ‘issues’ I had with P.A Works was that in all of their shows, the graphics are pretty much the same. Well, they did differ but you could definitely guess, that, for example, Hanasaku Iroha, Angel Beats and Another were made by the same pair of hands. Color palettes were different, especially in Another, since it’s a thriller/horror show. But the type of the art or character designs, proportions and stuff was a lot alike. That’s not necessarily bad, but personally, I’m not welcoming the idea of shows having their production studio’s names all over them. Maybe I’m pretty much bitching, but it just doesn’t feel right to me. However, I noticed, that in Tari Tari the art changed a little bit. Became a tiny little bit simpler and lighter. I guess, there is no drastic difference but somehow, I feel like the character designs fit the storyline well – just as light, fluffy, simple and cute.


Speaking of storyline. The story is pretty simple, nothing new or groundbreaking. But, either way, it’s pure, positive and genuine. Plus, when the music’s involved, I just can not stay away. Music is my greatest weakness.

 Music & execution

As I said, I’m starting to get into Slice of Life shows, even though before, I thought they were too plain to be interesting. That’s true, because such an ordinary story needs perfect execution, music and acting. In short- in the case of SoL shows, details have the last and most important say. I think, P.A. Works handle those details very well, Judging from what I’ve seen. Hanasaku Iroha was very nice and cute. But Another was on a completely different level. Aside from the VAs, sound effects and BGM was absolutely perfect. Practically, sound was just like another character in that show. We’ll see, how things will turn out with Tari Tari. So far, it was really sweet and light. One episode isn’t nearly enough to make sure, but from what I’ve heard, BGM just hits the spot, reflecting the little bits of storyline that got revealed. From what we’ve heard, it’s nothing groundbreaking, but Slice of Life doesn’t need any of that. Let’s just wait and see. OP-ED sequences were both really cute and positive.

 artist – AiRI
Song – Dreamer
Single release date – says 1st of August, but I’m not sure if that’s true. ^^” 

So, the OP is really really cute. I especially liked two moments: When Sakai’s cat almost fell down from the balcony. Because I’m constantly in a same situation with my cat. The only difference is, that I’m living on a 4th floor on a main street. A lot of cars and stray dogs. Brrrrrrr And also, when Sawa was riding a horse. That scene was simply beautiful and I’m surprised, how beautifully the animators handles a horse. Every time I see a horse in anime it’s just too… ugly. Or too, UN-horselike. The song is nice, but definitely not amazing.

Artist – Shirahamazaka Koukou Gasshou-bu
Song – Shiokaze no Harmony
Single release date –  Aug. 8

 I love this song! It’s really cute, fun and inspirational. Also, I love it, when Seiyuus sing op/ed sequence songs. I think, that’s amazing, because that way the anime is a little bit more solid. Like the characters are singing that very song. Yay~ ^O^

 Final thoughts

 Story – 8/10 (for a slice of life)
Art/animation – 10/10 (you don’t say! )
 Music – 8/10 (for the OP sequence song. though, we shall see the rest of the OSTs)
Overall – 8.5/10 

I think, it’s great, that I watched this. Tari Tari doesn’t promise anything epic or chilling, but I get the feeling, that this will be a feel-good type of a show. The one,  that you will watch once, love it, maybe even learn something and then put it away in a shelf. It’s too early to say, but I don’t think that it will leave a very strong and long lasting impression. Though I love that kind of shows. The ones, that make you smile and cry, but don’t cut into your heart too much. I think, I’ve had enough of that 😀 Anyways, you should definitely check this show out, because it’s very fun. Do it, like NOW! :3

3 thoughts on “[First Impression] Tari Tari

  1. Agreed on the visuals! PA Works anime tend to look very similar from show to show, but despite the similarities at least they’re better looking then most others!

    “Music is my greatest weakness.” – SAME! I can’t not watch a show if music is involved, that’s how K-ON and Symphogear roped me in. ><

    "Every time I see a horse in anime it’s just too… ugly." lol! I noticed that too … but Tari Tari's horses look so beautiful and majestic. ´▽`

    I agree 100% with the scores and would have probably given around the same. (I'm totally biased though because I'm a PA Works fanboy.) Do you plan on blogging Tari Tari?

    • Yeah, at least PA art has that advantage.

      YES, music is one of my few weak spots. Though I haven’t watched K-ON or symphogear. Well, I didn’t really acre for K-ON, but when Symphogear came out I just didn’t have the time.

      Yeah, like for example in Code Geass openings??? Yuck. But here they’re definitely gorgeous and majestic.

      I don’t know, because I had never done episodics before. I don’t know, if I will be able to write good episodic reviews, but I think I’m gonna try. Wish me luck! ^^ And thanks for the comment, haha 😀

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