Graduation exams – check! ^_^

I’m such a happy cookie right now~ ^O^


I can not believe that graduation examinations are already over! I’ve been waiting for this for 2 years and I can’t believe those 2 weeks ran by so quickly. It seems like just yesterday, at the “Last day”(of school) afterparty my best friend and I broke the window 😀 I can’t believe that all of it is already in the past. All of these changes are fantastic, amazing, I feel like I finally hold my fate in my own hands but regardless, having to say good bye to school, classmates and childhood in general is really bitter. It’s very sweet, exciting but it leaves that sad, bittersweet aftertaste in your mouth, when you think : “It’s over.”

Now the only event that’s left is the prom and frankly speaking, I hope these two weeks will go on forever, because the prom night is like a fullstop to me – the last time I will see my classmates all together. Well, I know that it’s not really last time, that everything is in my hands and, if I want, I can see them anytime, but nonetheless – this special evening puts a fullstop in our time spent together as a class. Aaaaaaaw~ now I’m getting all mushy and emotional!


Please, share your thoughts with me!! ^_^

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