Okay. So much has happened that my head is starting to spin. The last day of school, and the beginning of the graduation exams…. That doesn’t sound like a lot but believe me, it’s quite a handful, considering WHAT has happened on the last day of school. We were partying at our classmate’s house. My BFF and I were dancing, and accidentally…. broke the window. Instead of jumping back I froze in one place, because the sound of falling and breaking glass was overwhelming. Atop of that stupidity, my best friend got hurt. TT^TT he cut his shoulder and got 5 stitches. Well, it’s nothing serious but it’s still….. not nice, you know. And then my classmates dropped a bomb on me. Turned out that he protected me from the falling glass. I was really scared (like a chicken, dammit ><“”) so I didn’t register everything that has happened in detail. But damn, I was so nervous, I didn’t even expect such a thing from myself. I even started crying like a baby -_- thank god I locked myself in the toilet, so nobody saw me actually crying. Well, everyone noticed my red eyes and stuff, but it’s okay. That was definitely a memorable last day of school 😀 Especially for my best friend – on his white shirt, along with the congrats signs, he has a 3-inch spot of blood and a scar that will make him remember the day for the rest of his life xDDDD

Now, about the exams – the first one was  today – Georgian language, literature and grammar. I didn’t get a particularly high mark, but I’m more or less satisfied.  I got 8 points out of 10, considering my lack of knowledge in Georgian literature. But I passed, so that’s all that counts for now. On the national exams though, I will work myself to the bone to get the highest mark possible. WOHOO~ One exam down, seven more to go. Wish me luck! ^O^

Please, share your thoughts with me!! ^_^

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