So I finally decided to update my poor blog. Where to start, I have no idea. In general, there was nothing interesting in my life for the past months. I study a lot, but it still seems that it’s not nearly enough. The school exams start in May, so the tension is growing and now, I literally feel myself slowly creeping out, turning into a mad person. A little bit more and I will go on a rampage, I swear. Studying is very, very bad for your health! xDDD

Too bad I don’t have time to watch anime or just chill out. I only follow Another, and I entirely switched to yaoi manga and Vocaloid. From the yaoi I fell in love with LOVE STAGE!! It’s so ADORABLE >A< I am planning to write a full review on it, so won’t ramble about it a lot. And until then they will probably publish a couple of new chapters….. I can’t wait for the new chapter, it’s so interestiiiing~ ><“” And recently I got into Vocaloid, and I mean SERIOUSLY. The number of Vocaloid songs on my Cell is growing and growing. At the moment, I’m enjoying Kagamine twins the most. I think, their voices sound best because they’re stronger than Miku and Luka, for example, and are far more emotional. ^w^

Ummm…….. that was a pretty awkward and out-of-place update but still ^^” See you later, my beloved reader ^O^

Please, share your thoughts with me!! ^_^

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