Don’t be silent. You have the right and motivation to speak. Do it!

So, here it is. I have no idea where to start this, but I am more than determined to say what I have to say. I don’t think that a lot of people will read this, but every drop, every grain of sand is important. So, I will try to compose my thoughts and write them down for anyone, who’s patient enough to read this.

Almost two years ago, my Youtube channel got terminated, because of the copyright infringement. That was very depressing, because I worked on that channel a lot. I was doing my best, making AMVs and fandubs and stuff, but one day it all went to waste, because I used the material that didn’t belong to me. After that, my other works were also removed because of that, and what amazes me the most, is that people ‘up there’ completely ignore the law of fair use. I live in Georgia and according to constitution, I can use any content I want, as long as I don’t claim it to be mine, or gain any financial profit from it. Even so, I am still being abused, and I think that this word suits the current situation perfectly. It’s simply and plainly not fair what SOPA and PIPA are trying to do with WWW. Piracy is an issue, but there are other ways to fight it, other than abusing people’s rights.

For example, I found out about anime in the internet. This may sound embarrassing or stupid, but in a lot of ways, this saved me. Because, back then I was a teen with problems and issues pressing down on my very existence. It was a period, when I was forming as a person and now I see, how dangerous was the position I was in back then. You know, moments, when you must make a choice that changes your life completely? That was this very moment for me. I would restore myself and stand up again, or I would completely fall and never rise. And what literally saved me, was this phrase: “Stand up. Move forward. After all, you’ve got two perfect legs to stand on.” I never cried so hard before, or after that. In a matter of seconds, I changed and felt strong again. And up until today, that brilliant character is my greatest inspiration. I’m not connecting my life to anything, I’m an adequate person, that I can tell you for sure. But this has become a part of my very being and I will never forget it. So, why do I, and millions of other people, face so much problems in doing what I love to do? I’m sure, that every single person, that you, have something you love to do, right? And imagine, if there was a possibility, that it would be taken away from you. Anime isn’t available in Georgia. I can’t buy anything animanga related here. Also, I don’t have VISA or Mastercard, to buy them online. How much people are in the same position? I found myself in this sphere. I found something that I’m passionate about, something I want to do for whole my life, I found it here. If SOPA and PIPA were approved back then, would I not become the person I am now? Would I fall and become…. nothing?? I don’t know. What if I didn’t know about FMA, didn’t watch that episode and didn’t hear Edward say that to Rose, what would make me realize my mistakes and give me strength and motivation to become someone? I don’t know. I really don’t know, because I never show my tears or weakness to anyone. So, would I be able to handle those issues all by myself? Again, I have absolutely no idea. I am speaking for myself now. Now, I am strong, I know, who I am and where I am going. But there is a chance that there are teens just like me. Who are lost and lonely and just need a push. And what support do they have, if they don’t let anyone know about their problems. Who can give you a push, if nobody knows, that you need it?

If you have something you love to do, like blogging, audio/video/graphic editing, reviews, covers, fanfictions or anything else, speak and stand up for it. Because if SOPA gets approved, you may lose your favorite websites, your works or even the ability to do what you like. We must not let them take those things away from us. Join and strike with us.

SOPA STRIKE | Google | DeviantArt debates

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