[First Impression] Another (!!!)

Possibly, the first thriller/horror anime after Shiki, that's actually good.

This is the only show I will be following this winter/spring. As I said, I will be extra busy nad won’t have much time for anime, so I wanted to choose something that would really be interesting and good, and now I’ve made my choice. I had my eyes set on this show for a long, long time now. I have a weak spot for anything thriller, horror, dark, creepy, bloody and so on. So, I was literally squealing in delight, when I first saw the PV of this show. It looked so coool *~*

See? Now that’s what I’m talking about. Now, on to the review itself.


As expected, PA works’ backgrounds, characters and overall animation itself are all flawless. I love the color selection of this show. It may be a little typical for a horror anime, but still, it’s very pleasant. All colors are relatively dull and calm, except for some moments, when more vibrant colors are used as a highlight, if you may. For example, if you watched the preview, you would see yellow flower petals floating around Mei and Kouichi, and they’re noticeably bright. It’s a detail, that makes the moment special, I think. Even with Mei, she’s much more colorful than everybody else in the show. Her black hair is darker than any black thing I’ve seen in the episode, and her red eyes are as red as the blood, that we saw spilling in the preview sequence (actually, I LOVED that the petals weren’t pink, because it’s a bit overused, you know ^^”). Well, actually, it’s not THAT MUCH brighter, but just enough to give off the eery feeling. And also, I have to note, how scary those dolls looked. If they wanted to make dolls that would give you nightmares, they nailed their task. I have a bit of an issue with dolls, so I was creeped out by them a bit too much :S


The music is very, very nice here. Obviously, we’ve only been introduced to a small grain of the OST collection, but what I’ve heard so far, captured me entirely. For example, the track that played in the intro is a bit more active, dynamic and strong than I excepted, but it suited the scenes amazingly. The track itself was great. I liked how it was building up, from a calm, musicbox-like melody that, I think, resembles the first appearance of the situation at the school. Its creepy and eery, but soft enough not to make any firm statements. It just teases, gives off the idea of what’s happening. And then, the soft and eery melody builds up, as the stronger beats and violins join in, you feel like that there’s much more to the soft and eery music-box melody. Maybe too much. Right off the bat, this is the track that will be in my favorites list from the OST album. I am definitely getting the soundtrack album. Btw, sound director of the show is Yoshikazu Iwanami, the guy behind 11eyes, Hakuouki, Baccano!, Deadman Wonderland and some other good shows. Well, good shows, as in nice music. As for the OP-ED, they’re both decent enough, though I have to say, that I waited much more from the opening. At some moments, the song was awesome, another moment and the song sucks. That an issue I have with Ali Project. They always have those weird twists and change of tone to their songs, which, I think, almost always fail and spoil the song. That’s pretty frustrating, to be honest. In a negative, minor tone song, a positive spark is a very dangerous twist, that may spoil the whole song, or make it brilliant. For me, non of the Ali Project songs made it into ‘Brilliant’ category. Aside from that, it was nice enough. I definitely enjoyed the ending sequence much more than the opening.


So, the main storyline isn’t all that fresh, to be honest. Though as I learned from Ao-Ex, the final statement goes to the execution of the plot. Only first episode is out so it’s a bit early to talk about the execution, but for the first episode itself, I can say that PA Works did a great job. There were no moments that felt out of place or anything like that. Well, besides Kouichi’s chapped lips, probably 😀 Gosh, I can not take chopped lips  in anime seriously… xDD Okay, besides that… I can definitely see the potential of this anime. It looks really good !! Though I don’t think it will be something massive, epic and just BAM but it will definitely be good. I have a gut feeling.

End thoughts

So, I definitely got what I wanted from this show! It’s creepy enough to be called a thriller, or maybe a mild horror anime. We shall see. I am very impressed and I can say that it was a very good first episode. The only thing that I didn’t like was villagers’ a bit too obvious attitude towards Kouichi… but it’s forgivable. Sorry for no-screenshot review, I was actually streaming the first episode online, so I couldn’t make any decent screencaps. ^^” Btw, you can watch it online here, as I did ^^

So, the overall rating for this show is:

Art & animation – 10/10 (a work worthy of PA Works name !)
Plot – 9/10 (for now, it will be just 9. Because face it – the plot is worn-out)
music – 9/10 (minus 1 for the lousy failure of Ali Project =3=)

Tell me what you think about Another !!! ^_^

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