Farewell, 2011~!! Part 2 – Compilation and New Year Resolutions !!

Another year passed by with an amazing speed. So much has happened throughout this time that I am struggling to assemble everything in my mind. I experienced a lot of things new to me, made serious decisions, lost old friends and made new, I found love and matured quite a bit and entered a very important stage in my life – I am graduating from school this year and it’s pretty harsh. This is the part when I get all mushy and cheesy, but I’ll try not to overdo it 😀 So, this post will be somewhat of a compilation of everything memorable that has happened in the year of 2011. For the first part of the post, follow the link here, or click on the image in the sidebar. ^_^

I think, the most memorable ‘event’ of this year is the earthquake, and I think you will easily guess, which one I am talking about. Seriously, this was one of the most horrible moments of my life. I’m not just an otaku, I love Japan in general, so I was quite unhappy, when all of a sudden my friend called me, asking if I really didn’t know what happened to Japan. I have faith in all Japanese people, but this hit me pretty hard. I didn’t cry or depress over it at first, but I fully understood what really happened, when I saw the documentary film on Discovery channel. Until then, I couldn’t make myself believe that this was something REALLY serious. And another, maybe the most nervewracking thing about the quake was watching all the websites possible to find out about the directors, mangakas and mostly seiyuus, hoping, that everybody would be okay. I don’t personally know any of them, but I was still very worried about every single seiyuu I knew, even though I wasn’t related to any of them, at all. In the end, everything worked out and I’m so glad and grateful, that all of them are okay! Even though when I think, how many lives were lost in that terribly short period of time, it depresses me. But don’t forget, Japanese are VERY strong people, so they will stand up again, no matter, how hard they get hit!!

Finally, I fell in love this year. And even though this causes me a lot of trouble and pain, I’m still grateful, because this one particular subject was very problematic for me. But recently, I realized the fact that you won’t be able to live your life without getting hurt and if you do, this life will be incomplete and incorrect. I think, that a person should experience pain as well as love and happiness, because it’s natural, and I think, that you should accept and embrace whatever life is giving to you. Any experience teaches you lessons, makes you stronger and wiser, so it’s unnatural to avoid something that you’re too scared to face. I, also, am on my way of growing up and a new lesson is being learned almost every day. Last New Year’s I made a wish to become stronger, smarter and generally better and I think, at some point, I did. I’m definitely stronger and wiser than I was a couple of years back, and I’m really proud that I matured so much.

A new year means a fresh beginning. I leave all my worries to the passing year and try to step into the new one fresh, full of determination and confidence to learn, live and as cheesy as it may sound, love. Think about all of the things you don’t like about yourself and make a promise to change them. So for me, a new year means not only a fresh beginning, but also – a chance.

Happy New Year, my dear reader!

And I love you, whoever you are :*

One thought on “Farewell, 2011~!! Part 2 – Compilation and New Year Resolutions !!

  1. Hazelyn Villasencio says:

    *sigh* I will miss you 2011– for giving me such a wonderful year that full of happiness in my life *sniff* i waill really miss you so much..whaaaaa TT^TT

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