Farewell, 2011~! Part1 – Anime, OP-ED, seiyuu and music awards :3

HEYYYYYY~ ^_^ So, the year is ending, and I wanted to collect everything anime-related in this post, and share with anyone who would read this, my most memorable anime goodies of 2011 !!

This year, one of the biggest anime goodies, as I said like a million times, is a show called Ao no Exorcist. It launched this spring and I just skipped it, when I was looking through the releases list. I didn’t see anything special about that show, even when I found out about the studio and staff pulling the strings. In the end, I didn’t follow any spring show I planned to, besides Ao-Ex, because in the end, it turned out amazing. Yes, the plot is a bit worn-out, but in the end, it’s all about the detailing. Art, stunning animation, hot seiyuu voices, nearly perfect episode planning (don’t forget, that the middle episode WERE a little…. Filler-ish) and chilling BGM. That made up for any weak spots of the main storyline, and believe me, if I say so, then it’s really worth your time. Because I am a VERY bitchy watcher. Aside from the show itself, I was positively impressed by the quality of OST albums. The music was very, very nice. I liked the mixture of techno beats with Indian touches in several tracks, like in “Exorcist Concerto Third Movement U & Cloud”,  “Symphonic Poem GeHeNa Third Movement Hobgoblin→MASHOU”, “Symphonic Poem GeHeNa First Movement Mephistopheles” and “Symphonic Poem GeHeNa Second Movement A-maimon”(oooh, I love this one :3) and, the strong and emotional orchestral tracks, also mixed with a little bit of techno, like : ”Symphonic Suite DEVIL Third Movement eXORCiST” and “Symphonic Suite DEVIL First Movement D-Evil”. I feel like the orchestra and choir give off this mystic, fantasy feel, because this show IS about, more or less, magic. And then, the techno beats lift the mystic track to more of a futuristic level, because, first: the show DOES take place in present days, and second: main heroes are all teenagers, so only orchestral music would be a little bit too serious. Given, this is actually a shounen anime, so )) In conclusion, I say: This was an amazing OST collection that enjoyed and continue to enjoy up until this point.

So, on to the OP-ED section ^_^ I haven’t watched a lot of shows this year, because I didn’t have a computer for 3 months and I’m graduating this year, so I don’t have a lot of time for anime. But I still checked out some openings, because, I  have to admit, I am a OP-ED junkie 😀 I have up to one hundred at the moment (and 90% in HD too :3 I’m proud of my collection ^_^ )

Mirai Nikki opening 1 

“Kuusou Mesorogiwi” by Yousei Teikoku

Actually, I haven’t watched this show yet and this opening makes me want to so bad!! I have a thing for yanderes and violence, so this opening instantly tore it’s way into my favorites list. Also, what I love about this opening, are the interesting ideas, like the rotting ball, filled with blood and blood-filled dolls.

Ao no Exorcist opening 2

“In my world” by ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D

At first, I didn’t really like this opening, but as soon as I looked closer, I fell in love with it! This opening can not be considered as highly artistic and original, but the everyday life-ish style is executed perfectly. It’s definitely not boring, or even worse – banal, quite the opposite.

Deadman Wonderland opening

“One Reason” by DWB

Now THIS opening is nice. It’s very different from any other openings I know. Probably, the closest one is “Higashi no Eden” opening sung by Oasis: Very fragmented structure, without solid, animated scenes. Almost seems like it’s been edited in Sony Vegas. And I like that they choose English song for this opening, because that makes it so much more unique (even if the show sucked) xD

Hanasaku Iroha opening 1

“Hana no Iro” by nano.RIPE

At first, I HATED this song, really. For me, if the pronouncement of the singer is specific, it means a huge win or an epic failure. In this case, the unusual voice of the singer flattered the song as much as it would’ve been possible. And now, I think that with normal, standard vocals this song would become boring and blend into the ‘ordinary’ category.

Kimi to Boku opening 1

“Bye Bye” by 7!! Seven Oops

Not much action, but I’m always ‘Daaaaaaaw’-ing at this opening. The show itself turned out so mushy, cheesy and cute, that the opening and ending sequences always make me smile and feel mushy inside. Maybe the opening isn’t so amazing by itself, but what makes it priceless is the emotional background. Lovely!! ^_^


Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica opening 1

“Magia” by Kalafina

Okay, maybe the anime wasn’t my cup of tea, but that song…… that SONG. I love Kalafina, I love Yuki Kajiura (correct me if I’m wrong, but she’s the one who wrote “Magia”) and this song was the embodiment of the word: epic. What can I do, I just love intense music ^_^


Kore wa zombie desu ka? ending

“Kizuite Zombie-sama, Watashi Wa Classmate Desu” by Manzo & Rie Yamaguchi

I ADORE THIS ENDING SO MUCH *0* the song is very catchy and funny, I have never heard anything like it. The video game-ish beats killed me when I first listened to this song. Overall, this ending is one of the most creative ones I know so far. Well, maybe I’m overreacting, but personally, I adore this ending.

Ao no Exorcist ending 2

“Wired Life” by Kuroki Meisa

Yet again, this anime gets mentioned 😀 yes, this is my biggest show of the year, but even if it’s not, you must give credit to this ending. Considering the fact that I don’t like techno, this song really has to be great, because I loved it from the very first second. Maybe the ending itself isn’t that exciting, but it compliments the song (yeah, not the other way around :D) perfectly. I like that it’s calm, because I think, that something like “Magia” would be a little too overpowering. A calm ending is just what you need after a depressing episode ^_^

Guess the category =w=

My character of the year is Yukio Okumura from Ao-Ex. Not only because I like the anime so much, but because I liked him as a character. I find that yukio is the most composed and solid character of all Ao-Ex characters. I don’t want to ramble about him all over again, but you can go here and find out all about him. ^^

Now, my favorite part comes. The proud title of my Seiyuu of the year goes to none other than my beloved Okamoto Nobuhiko!

Seriously, I discovered him this year, and fell in love with him almost instantly. He is so talented, and his voice sounds so beautiful….. compare: Eiji from “Bakuman”, Kashino from “Yumeiro Patissiere” and Usui from “Kaichou wa Maid-sama”. Isn’t he amazing? How could his Eiji voice irritate me??? He sounds so beautiful…… and he’s a total cutie too :3

And last but not least, my music awards!! ^O^ this year, I discovered Vocaloid. Well, I knew about that software before, but I got into it this spring. In the end, a lot of my most listened songs this year are from Vocaloid. Though I will mention only a few of them.

Matryoshka !!!!  What can I say about this one 😀 well…. First, I want to say, that I prefer the human version of this, that I found on YT. Originally, this song was sung by Miku and Gamu (correct me if I’m wrong) but I didn’t like it, for some reason. This version sound much more fun to me ^_^

This one I found recently, but I love it so much that I can not even explain it 😀 I think it’s very, very emotional and beautiful. And yet again, I step away from the original (Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka) and prefer Rin+Len Kagamine one. The twins sound much more emotional than the original MikuxLuka duet, and I think this song requires more intense vocals than that and twins sound just perfect. At least, I think so.

I swear, this song is amazing, because it conveys the feelings that the lyrics are supposed to carry perfectly. So, even if you don’t understand Japanese and don’t know the name of the song, you will immediately feel that unique vibe, that makes you think about your teenage love, all of the emotions that fill your heart when you’re in love. Or am I wrong? :3

I adore the anime “Itazura na kiss”. So, I was pretty excited, when I found out about the dorama version. And I instantly fell in love with the song that played during the previews. This is the first Korean song that I loved, and from here, starts my journey into the world of K-pop 😀

So, I think, this is it for my most-played songs of the year….. Well, there are a lot of songs that I didn’t mention, but those are the most remarkable ones. I switch my playlists a lot, but these songs are ones of the few that were constantly present on my cell phone.

With this, I’m finishing my first year-ender post, and look forward to the 2nd part! ^^ thank you for reading, and happy New Year!

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