Merry Christmaaas~! ^_^

I can’t believe it’s already THIS time of the year!!!! *0* Time flies by, as I already said countless times, so, my beloved reader, MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Whoever you may be, a fujoshi, a lolicon, or just a random person who decided to read a post about whatever, I love you and wish you all the best I live in Georgia (the one that’s in Europe) so Christmas is more of a religious holiday and is officially celebrated on the 7th of January. Regardless, Christmas and New Year are my most favorite holidays of all, because it’s a time, when everybody is getting along, the families are together and stuff. All of this makes me feel very warm, happy, bubbly and mushy. I think it’s the time when you should leave behind all of your worries, at least for a little bit, and just enjoy the moment. The only thing that is missing right now…… is snow. TT^TT where I live it’s now SUNNY. Can you believe it!? ><” I want snow. It’d better snow on new Year’s eve, or I’ll be very sad. TT_TT

Please, share your thoughts with me!! ^_^

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