Kimi to Boku

Yay for mushy watercolor art~ ^_____^

I had a pretty hard time choosing, which show should I follow this fall, because I have a very limited amount of time to spend on anime this year. In the end, I decided to stick with Bakuman 2 who would’ve guessed and Kimi to Boku. I never really enjoyed slice-of-life genre before, but I’m getting into it more & more. I guess, I’m just getting old…… xD Anyways, I’m really glad that I chose this show, because it’s very, very nice. It may not be packed with action scenes and not have an over-the-top, epic plot, but it’s a very calm, settle and mushy anime indeed. It’s the type of a show, that you watch to just chill out after a stressing day. And let me tell you, if I feel more positive after watching it, then most of you will.

I love the art, though it’s not actually in my taste. I like more detailed and dark design, like in Uraboku or Blood-C, but this type of art is perfect for a slice-of-life show. The animation is also decent enough, so the visual factor is on a respectful level. The characters are all very sweet. Especially the twins ❤ I adore Yuki’s personality! He is very quiet and calm all of the time, but he definitely has a sense of humor, so he’s not JUST the silent type. The girl maybe a little bit irritating, but what’s a slice-of-life anime without one? ^_^

I’m unfamiliar with the seiyuu cast, the only one I know out of all of them is my beloved Uchiyama Kouki. Though I like it, to be honest. I would be a little disappointed if the man behind Chizuru would be Miyano Mamoru, for example. I adore him, but just….. no. THANK YOU, JC staff, thank you !!! Btw, about JC staff. I was fairly disappointed in this studio after a couple of harsh let-downs *coughuracoughboku*. Though I will admit, that JCS are great at creating a good setting. Atmosphere is definitely the strong side of this studio, though now, I get the feeling that slice-of-life anime is perfect for JC staff. Well, I’m still new in this, so I will see ^^” And lastly, about the atmosphere – As I said, it’s set pretty nicely. The music is very cute and I love the light feeling of it. I roamed through the net and found several tracks related to…. something I’m figuring out at the moment. But I love those songs! For example :

I love this track, it's so funny xDDD

I think, all of these are from Kimi to Boku drama CDs. Correct me, if I’m mistaken! ^_^ And I adored the ending song too. It’s so cheezy~ ^_^

Well, this is all I wanted to say for now……. Gotta run for the extra lesson in Georgian TT^TT

C U soon ^_^

2 thoughts on “Kimi to Boku

  1. I’m really enjoying this series as well! I kind of consider it the boys version of “Lucky Star”, but with Episode Six, I might be withdrawing that statement because its stories are really unique. I have to admit, it is weird seeing a boy tsundre-type character…but it is refreshing! I also love the twins deadpan since of humor. I’m interested to see the direction this series goes in as the episodes go on.

    • Yeah, though I hope that the ending will be fitting for the show. I don’t really want a typical, bittersweet ending, because it’s something that I’ve seen TOO often.
      Lets cross out fingers for the best ))

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