5 reasons to love Okumura Yukio

Aaaaaw, don't be so shy! Ur hot and u know it :3

So, it’s pretty rare for a character to captivate me so much. Especially in a show, that I didn’t really consider watching, before checking out the list of people pulling the strings behind it. And how surprised I was to discover the glory of Ao no Exorcist!!! The show turned out to be great, but I won’t ramble too much, it’s all in the Ao-Ex final review post. But what I didn’t really mention, was how much I liked this one particular, amazingly adorable character =w= As a lot of otaku girls, I have a weak spot for megane danshi, so when I saw Yukio for the first time, I almost exploded with joy and delight. The fact that he’s the son of Satan, just made it so much more spicy ^w^ so, this brings us to the first reason to love Okumura Yukio:

1. Spicy blood

The fang. *stares*

So, all of the girls have weak spot for bad boys, right?? Though at first Yukio appears to be a goody-goody two-shoes, he’s not that innocent. Actually, quite the opposite – training to become an exorcist since the age of seven and acquiring the rank ‘Meister’ in two classes – Dragoon and Doctor by the age of 15. That requires a lot of talent indeed, but what it requires the most are the guts. Gutsy megane-kun with the attitude, eh? Sounds nice

2. Adorable personality

Thanks for the help, Yukio-kun *innocent smile*

Even if he’s the son of Satan, it doesn’t mean he inherited his fathers crappy attitude. He is an incredibly loving person and we see that in his crazy decision to help the old geezer to destroy Gehenna. And all that just to give his big brother another chance to live as a normal human. Isn’t that the sweetest thing you’ve heard? Remember, how mercilessly he executed lower class demons and how strict he seemed about exterminating all the demons in the area? Now, compare it to how he treats his friends and his brother. The contrast makes him look like a total softie. Idk about you, but I can’t resist such a character

3. Badass weaponry

How can any otaku girl resist THAT ?????

Just as I said : How can ANY otaku girl resist that??? Any otaku girl has to be a sucker for a guy in glasses. Add 3 moles, 2 guns and 1 Jun Fukuyama and any girl will fall for that character. No, seriously. That’s the formula that guarantees the success of a character, not to mention a character as composed as Yukio. Also, add the stunning art and amazing fighting scenes with equally amazing animation.

A gif I stole from metanorn quite a while ago :3

And another gif from Hoshi and Hime ^^"

So, those gifs show more, than enough to get the idea of what I’m saying, even if you didn’t watch this show. If you ask me, Yukio looks 1000000 times cooler and hotter with guns than Dante from Devil may cry. And that says a LOT.


Yukio's rape face. And his SHINY GLASSES *~*

Naturally, glasses are an obvious win for any male character, in any type of show, starting from romantic comedies all the way to the shounen goodies. Well, unless the character itself isn’t an epic failure, but that doesn’t happen very often.  Yukio is one of the coolest megane-danshi I’ve ever seen in anime. He even outran Uryu Ishida (yes, he’s a character from bleach, but he’s still really cute ^_^) and Usui Takumi (even if his glasses were drawn  terribly wrong, lol . And now, he shares the honorable first place in bishies top10 list with Sebastian. Well, I don’t think that any character will outrun Sebastian’s level of coolness anytime soon, so .. ))

The fetish for glasses if one of the most popular ones, and that’s fair, if you ask me. Glasses add a great amount of intellectuality and sexuality to the look of a guy who is wearing them. And they make a man look very appealing. This applies to both – anime characters AND real guys.

5. Appealing Assets

Most of my Ao-Ex gifs are from Metanorn.... I feel kinda guilty ^^"

When I saw this scene, I realized the full extend of my perversity. It made me droll over my keyboard from the very first time I laid my eyes on that…. back. Seriously, one of the most deliciously drawn backs I’ve ever seen in anime *has a back fetish* I would’ve never expect Ao no Exorcist to deliver so much of fanservice. Not that I mind, but… I want more~ I can’t believe it ended TT_TT I want more naked Yukio


I can keep fangirling over him forever, but I’m afraid that this is going too far 😀

So, you probably know by now that I fell in love with this character, so I wont say how amazing he is. Too bad I’ve never met anyone like that, he’s like a combination of all the fetishes I have. Glasses, attitude, skills, great and at the same time, absolutely realistic body (realistic as in not being too muscular, or just having a perfect body shape. They didn’t make him look perfect, but he’s still really hot)…… do I need to continue?? 😀

Some nice images:



Freeze! You are arrested for being so damn hot! (old joke, I know :D)


My fav image at the moment. love it!

Most of the time, Yukio seems to be the older one. So cute...... =w=

Well, this is about it for this post! I hope you enjoyed it, I just wrote this for fun, because I really do like that character and I decided to let myself have fun, ramble and fangirl about him. Tell me what you think about him, ne~? I will be glad to hear that. And now, my dear reader, I gotta go and read Akutagawa Ryūnosuke’s “The nose”, or else, my teacher will rip off my skin -____-
Jaa ne~

11 thoughts on “5 reasons to love Okumura Yukio

  1. Alyssa says:

    ❤ OMG i'm not alone! :'D I adore everything about him and the seen made me drool to…now only if I saw the front~

  2. Leaf says:

    I seriously thought I was alone in this. I love Rin-how can you not?-but even though Yukio is supposed to be your cliche perfect brother, I fell hard for him.

  3. NicoYukio says:

    He is perfection. Exactly what you look for in a guy, good looks, sharp mind, an athlete who has crazy amount of skills, a shy personality who is awkward in front of girls, a kind and loving heart and above all, one hell of an ass! 😛
    I’m fan-girling so hard on him, this hasn’t happened to me since L Lawliet and Shikamaru Nara! I guess I just have a thing for really smart guys and Yukio is like the complete package, I don’t get how every girl on the planet is not fan girling over him! ^_^

    • You’re quite right, he resembles all that is good with a fine guy. Not all of the should be like that, no, but nevertheless, he’s really dreamy. Come on, real life guys. Work harder xD

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