Ao no Exorcist OST

Gosh, I wanted this for so long and I finally have this OST album!!!!!!!!!!!!! As I thought, the tracks are really good, and pretty surprising to me. The atmosphere that the music delivers is very unique, and amazingly pleasant. I love the fact that the music doesn’t overpower the scenes, even when it’s really strong itself. Hiroyuki Sawano caught my eye and I’m gonna check out his other works.

Out of the whole OSTs my favorites are: DEVIL[second movement], U & Cloud, Exorcist, GeHeNa [First Movement – Mephistopheles], and some from the 2nd CD as well, though my computer can’t read the names because of the asian font, I guess. ^^” Though if I had to choose one particular track, it would definitely be U & Cloud.

Just LISTEN to that!!!! The Indian fell of the tracks is mixing with the modern techno vibes and TADA! The amazing atmosphere of Ao-Ex is born. Seriously, this is one amazing track!! **So, the links for the free download I found here. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys interesting and good BGM.

I will definitely finish watching that show, no matter what. TT^TT Oh, the bromance~

Tell me what you think about these OST albums! ^^

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