Summer camp. YAAAY

The day after tomorrow I’m taking off to a summer camp for 5 days ^^ I know, 5 days isn’t long enough for a camp, but the one I am attending is an educational camp. I mentioned before, that I am taking training classes, covering the material on how to write a project so that you will be able to attract a lot of interest to it. And some good sponsors. I finished those classes 2 weeks ago and now all our groups are going to a camp!! ^^

The place we are going to is called “Kechkhobi”, and it’s in Borjomi. I hate Georgian people with all my heart(though I’m half Georgian as well) but my country has an amazing nature, really. Follow the link here to the Wikipedia article and you will find a lot of nice photos 😀 Anyways, here are the photos of the place we are going to:

So, as you can see, it’s nothing fancy – the dorm built in the USSR period, pretty old and stuff. Though the main reason I’m going is that nature. I LOVE landscapes like that. What can be better than reading a book outdoors, in a place like this – surrounded by the woods, where birds are chirping and you can’t head the noise of cars and stuff. Oh yes, baby! Though I’m pretty much a city person – I wouldn’t be able to handle such a deserted place for a long time, even I need to get a rest sometimes. Hopefully, I will have some fun there ^^;

Wish me luck, if you are reading this! Also, share with me your own plans for the summer! As for me – I will spend the rest of the summer here, in Tbilisi, sitting by the PC, or reading a book in a nearby park 😀

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