[Ao no Exorcist] so far

As I thought, Ao no Exorcist is the best show of the spring season. Not that I watched a lot of them, but reviews and ratings give me some idea. I was actually unable to watch anime for last several weeks, because school work piled up, I took the 2-week training course covering how to create a project, + my computer is lagging like crazy, turning off as it pleases.

Today I’m being lucky, because I watched 7th and 8th episodes and the computer didn’t turn off, so I’m using this time as much as I can. Now about the show itself; after the 4th episode, there hasn’t been much of a development. So far, it’s still character introductions, more like a slice-of-life show with some action thrown in. Not that I mind, because I still enjoy watching Ao no Exorcist, but I get the feeling that this will be longer, than 24 eps. Yet again – I don’t mind at all ^^ not unless the quality (visual and plot wise) drops.

Though we got a little grain of something interesting, and I think the plot is finally starting to develop again. It’s pretty slow, but intriguing as hell. For example, what was Mephisto talking about with his brother(as far as I remember) on the roof top? That was pretty suspicious, because I get the Izaya vibe from that guy ( they’re both voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya. Coincidence? >.>). And then, there was THAT BOMB. Yukio…. why are you so suspicious? Idk how should I put it or why, but I get the feeling that Yukio has much more problems with Rin, other than the death of their father. And he’s also the son of Satan, isn’t he? Even if he didn’t inherit the demon power, he’s still son of Satan and that sure counts as something. I swear, I smell betrayal right now. That heavy, disgusting smell of double-crossing. Now that I think of it – what did I expect? The plot is just a golden mine for turns like that. I just wonder…… Will Rin reveal his powers in front of everybody? Well, that episode will definitely come, and I’m squealing, crawling up the walls to see that deliciously heart-wrenching moment, but… when and how? And will his friends accept him??? I think, they will, because everybody is growing attached to him. He even got through to miss eyebrows! That definitely means that he’s officially popular among his teammates. Even if some of them won’t admit it 😀

Oh yeah, baby!!

Come on, Yukio! You know, you want to... :3

Is it getting hot in here?... *faints*

I am SO shipping them!

How can the son of Satan have such an honest, baby-like expression? I can't take it!!! I'm......melting...............

What do you think about Ao no Exorcist? Please, let me know *smiles*  Also, I’m putting together the Summer 2011 releases list right now, so wait for the big update to appear this week! ^^

Jaa ne~

2 thoughts on “[Ao no Exorcist] so far

  1. I get the feeling Yukio may end up betraying him too (I mean, his whole grudge against Rin couldn’t possibly have just disappeared that easily, right?) but I’m in denial. JUST…NO! NOT YUKIO ;_;
    Even though evil Yukio would be pretty epic too…..

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