Update ^_^

I found this image on Google today. Isn’t that, like, one of the hottest anime guys you have ever seen?? *~* Anyways, leaving that aside…

Finally, I don’t have to slam my head against the Georgian history book, FINALLY! It’s still not official, but there are only 3 days left: Monday – still open to get better marks, Tuesday – all the final marks are turned in and BAM. No more school! ( this time officially :D) The next year is my last year of high school and I don’t even want to THINK about it. It will be like hell on earth, I swear! The exams are only one year away and believe me, this year will pass by like nothing. I still can’t believe, how fast this year ended. Well, the year itself didn’t end. You get me )) But I will have to do some additional studying this summer anyway, so. I wanted to get a job, but won’t have the time this summer, unfortunately. I wanted to work as a waitress in the Japanese restaurant too !! TT^TT I’m kinda confused. I love summer, because there’s no school, but I physically can’t endure too high temperature. I literally start to melt away to half-fainting condition – I’ve never taken it further than that – so, summer is not fun at all 😦 And there is no perspective for me to really get a rest. If I go somewhere, 95% – I will go with my dad’s family(dad, stepmom, brother and sister), but I won’t be able to rest at all. I love all of them, they are my family, but when I spend a lot of time with them I get really tired. Maybe because I dislike children and my younger sister is in that terrible girly age – 8 years and on top of that, annoying by her personality. I can’t rest when children are around, because whether I want to or not, I’m constantly looking their way, checking out if they’re not doing something they shouldn’t and feeling responsible for their safety. I’m just that kind of person, I think. Another cause is lack of socializing. My dad lives in a pretty lame district where I can rarely find a normal person to interact with. Because of that, I stay at home all day. Not that my dad would be happy about me walking around that district anyway – he’s overprotective. Not that I’m surprised – all fathers are like that with their daughters, especially if it’s their first child. TT_TT

But on the other side….. my friends decided to give me a kitten as a present for my 18th b-day. I had a cat, but he died this February. My best friend saw how hard it was on me, and then, I think she didn’t believe me when I was carelessly brushing away that subject and 5 days ago she told me that I would soon have a kitten. Though I won’t be able to take it until July 10th, because it’s still only 1 month old. Not that I won’t be able to take care of such a baby, I’m actually pretty experienced at that, but I don’t want a headache, to be honest 😀 +, it’s better not to separate kittens from their moms before 2 months.

I know, it's not the best idea to put up a photo of a dead pet, but I couldn't help it TT_TT

Look at those !! SO CUTE

Mine is the orange one. Isn’t he adorable???? JUST LOOK AT THAT PINK NOSE!!

But to tell you the truth, I’m still a bit uncomfortable about getting a new cat. Maybe because, deep down, I’m still afraid, even though I know that I need to have a cat in my house and being afraid of it dying in front of my eyes again is stupid. Everyone dies when their time comes, so being afraid is pretty dumb and pointless. In the end, it’s very important to accept the death of your beloved pet and overcome the pain and fear of it happening again. At least, that’s what I think.

I think, I’ll stop at this point. My blabber is becoming quite annoying, isn’t it ^^” If you read this, please share a little something about your pet if you have one (not necessarily dead, tho ^^” ), I would be happy to read that !!! ^O^

Jaa ne~

6 thoughts on “Update ^_^

  1. Woot good luck on your exam!

    AND OMG SO MUCH NYANKO CUTENESS HERE. I’m a cat lover too 😀 I remember when I used to live in the old house, the previous owner left bunch of cats for us :3 One gave birth to thirteen kittens (!), and another one gave birth to two kittens. But the two kittens were eaten by my neighbor’s dogs T_______T
    And later on, my parents sent the cats away 😥

    • Thanks, I’ll need that! ^^

      Another cat lover~ *O* I can’t imagine, 15 little little balls of cuteness running around the house *,* that’s a bit too much, I know, but……… THEY’RE CUTE !! If I were you, I would rip off those dogs’ heads. Or their neighbors. Or both.

  2. Neelam says:

    Ahhh I came across your blog today and was just wondering, is that an actual anime charater and if so, who is it? or is it just art? He’s so cute Haha

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