Hiatus alert!!

Hello! ^^

Not that I have any  regular readers, but still, I’m putting up this hiatus announcement, because I feel bad for just leaving my blog like that. So, the end of the school year is right around the corner, and in my school the amount of work increases, even though in all other normal schools students get a rest from the mountains of homework and pressure. Plus, I signed up to the training classes, that cover……. putting together projects, I guess? It’s a program that Georgia’s University came up with, and if I’m correct, this is the first time the 11th graders get involved in University busyness. That’s really cool, because there were 2 lessons so far, and I learned quite a bit, got to know a lot of nice people and stuff. And in the end, if it will work out we are going to help putting together the events that will be held during the 2 weeks, that are called “Summer Fun”. This is very exciting, and time consuming. And requires an insane amount of energy. The first lesson was on Tuesday, from 4 to 7PM. I got back home at 8PM, and didn’t even have the strength to do my home work. On top of it all, I can not recall the last time I went to bed before 11PM, really oO” So, you get my point – those lessons are very tiring, but very interesting at the same time.

Because of that, I will not be able to spend a lot of time on the computer, I can’t even watch anime, dammit! ><” But that’s because my computer is lagging like crazy. Maybe it’s acting up because of the sudden change in temperature. In two weeks, the temperature went up from 18-20 to 28-30 degrees, so that may be the reason. I think. I hope. ^^”

But for now, I will ramble a little bit, because I have some time :3 Soooo….. a couple of days ago I discovered the 9th opening of Naruto. I LOVE IT. Well, the opening isn’t really that strong and so is the song, but I liked it, because the opening gave you a very bright idea of what is happening in the show. I loved the part, where the floating rock/mountain explodes and starts to fall apart – that was in the beginning. I think that mountain may resemble Sakura’s heart and how it is breaking apart between Naruto and Sasuke as always That and the moment in the end, where Naruto and Sasuke are walking towards each other. Those 2 moments were beautiful. As for the rest, it was average. The song was nice, with it’s ups and downs, for example, the beginning and the end sequences were very nice, but the middle was pretty poor, to be honest. Overall, it was okay. At least, the song complimented the emotional turmoil behind the OP.

Also, I’m celebrating a new good AMV from JazzVids, that is called (S)exting.

I am an AMV addict, I swear! Once I find an AMV to my liking, I am replaying it over and over, until I can precisely play it over in my head. Freaky, huh? 😀 That video is so FUNNY *,* Especially, I loved the first half, because it was so fun 😀 The song is kinda gross, but has a great feel to it.

So, for now this is it. I will write posts, just there won’t be a lot of them until June 14-15, oh, btw, on June 14 I’m turning 18!!!!!!! ^O^

Until next time~ ^^

8 thoughts on “Hiatus alert!!

  1. Ruby says:

    That amv is so amazing and flashy! *o* the naruto op looks cool too xD lolol your bday is in 12 days! that’s so exciting, finally turning 18 ^_^ happy early bday!! (just in case I forget to tell you on time xD) and have fun on your hiatus ;3

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