Happy belayted B-day, METANORN!!!

My crappy coloring...... *_*


Actually, Metanorn’s 3rd anniversary was on may 15, so I’m sorry for being late, but the main reason I am writing this is because I also cooked up something for the partyy~ :3 I got really motivated after reading Y3 Anniversary: Cooking Showcase, so here you have my little piece! ^O^


At first, I wanted to bake my sugar cookies, because they’re one of the few sweets I actually enjoy, but in the end, I decided to stick with something more healthy, because I, myself, am trying to eat more veggies and fruits, rather than fried potatoes, for example. I often come up with different recipes on the go, when I’m really hungry but I don’t feel like eating heavy stuff. So, this is one of the “recipes” I came up with.

1 - Chicken; 2 - Green onions; 3 - Rice(DUH); 4 - Spicy green pepper

Sooooo….. As you can see, it’s pretty simple, but I loved how it turned out. I actually have a weak spit for spicy food, so you can figure that this turned out REALLY spicy, and I have no choice but to agree. But anyway……. ^^” Also, sorry for the crappy quality of the photos, because my poor camera is officially dead, and I just can’t make my parents to buy me a new one. Meh…..

One more picture of this spicy goodness :3

And finally:

Happy B-day, Metanorn ^^

Follow this link to visit Metanorn, because it’s an awesome blog!


6 thoughts on “Happy belayted B-day, METANORN!!!


    Thank you, Namika-chan for such awesome love and gohan~ The food was colourful and same for the art. Not to mention, a personal note. Loads of love, girl~ <333

    • ^______^
      Thanks !! I’m glad that you’re glad, and you totally deserve all the credit and love, because you made Metanorn even more awesome than it was before. <33

  2. Awww, thanks Namika for the cooking! And the last image so cute hehhe. I like how you wrote in diff languages xD

    Rice is my favorite! Spicy food isn’t bad too hehe.

    You took the images on the floor huh? :3

    • You’re welcome! ^^ I wished happy b-day to Metanorn in every language I know xD

      Well, I wouldn’t say that rice is my favorite food, but I love it very much!

      None of the images were taken on the floor 😛 It’s just a weird pattern of the table cover that my grandmother had chosen oO”

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