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I finally decided to re-check my favorites list on Deviantart!!!!

I don’t know why exactly it came to me today, but I will do a DA favorites status and share some of my favorite works with you!!^^ I will mention anime-related, as well as non-anime related works, so keep that in mind 😉 I will start from the oldest favorites to the newest, and don’t worry, I will try not to be too overwhelming! ^^” Oh, and also – click on an image to get transferred to the uploader’s page)))

First - Fanart of my all-time favorite couple! ❤

Such a sweet fanart~!! I can’t get enough of this couple/this anime/Edward! Especially, I like the look on Edward’s face, it’s so adorable!!! ^_^

My favorite senshi from Sailor Moon!!

It’s actually series of graphics called “Millenium Senshi”. This one I liked the most, because Saturn has the most beautiful costume design.

That's beautiful! *0*

As I said, I CAN NOT get enough of this couple and I was so dumbfounded when I saw this fanart! Just admit, that this is one of the most beautiful and hot fanarts you have ever seen!!!!!


Ed. Roy. Both wearing glasses. Is there anything more you can ask for??? 😀


I love fun and detailed graphics like this! What can I say more? :3


I cannot believe how gorgeous this is. No, seriously. A lot of sparkles and pink, but it’s one of the most GORGEOUS fanarts I’ve ever seen!!

I adore Christmas, don't you?? ^O^

I love this picture very much, and I don’t know why. It’s really fun, and I like their outfits!

My weak spot.

I am a crazy maniac when it comes to Sakura trees, I adore how beautiful they are. Unfortunately, I have never seen a Sakura tree before TT^TT Anyways, I love the style of this image, how it’s a bit… blury, maybe?

these praline lolis look so beautiful!!

Second one frome the series~

I fell in love with those two the second I saw them. Try and guess, which loli’s which chocolate? I dare ya >P

Do you believe.... in vampires??? @.@

Being a Gothic style addict, I fell in love with this photo. Man, I wish Gothic architecture was also imported to my country =3=

yet another gothic castle

This photo one of the creepiest I’ve ever seen. I wonder, if it’s really as old as it looks, or it was edited to look that way??

*Been my wallpaper for more than 2 months*

What can I say. This is beautiful. Has the greatest Vocaloid characters. And they look incredibly badass here.

I want that Chessboard *_*

I love the works of this user, because of the beautiful color palette and sparkles *~* No, not only because of that, just, the Fanart looks amazing. Follow the link on that person’s profile, and look through the uploads. You will like it, I’m pretty sure ^^

Another of my weak spots 😀

I love Death Note. I love L. I love Motivational posters. And I hate Light. And this poster crackyd me up like nobody’s busyness XD

Kawaii ^O^

I love this little guy oO

I love original works like this, so my best friend(who loves specific art styles as well) and I loved this series. Isn’t he so adorable and lonely-looking? 😦

Shoujo injection >>

I love Photography, if you don’t know(of course you don’t ==”) and I thought that this one looked pretty cute. A little bit cheezy and cliche, but still so very sweet!!

Want a candy??? :3

Sunday morning, rain is fallin'~

I know, that this is the art that is ‘targeted’ mainly on males, but those two – I liked them very much, especially the second one. They’re both done so beautifully, that I loved it, even though I’m a girl haha 😀

Kiree da na~

I actually found this today, and instantly added it to my favorites. I can’t believe that someone can do such a thing with a mouse oO” (well, if that was drawn with a mouse ==”)


Bishiiiiiiiiiies~ *,_,* This one was found today as well. And it’s so hot *,* I think I’m gonna have a nosebleed ;A;

So, this is it for my favorites!! No, I have a lot more, but these are the ones that I truly love. If you are interested in the rest of them, then follow the link to my DA profile, and feel free to search through them ^^ I will do this post from time to time, and will bring updates on the new works that I love. So, until next time!

Jaa ne~

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