Ao no Exorcist [1-3]

Jewel of the Spring season

Now that I think of it, I never posted a first impression about this show..>.> Which means, I will write down JUST an impression about the 3 episodes that are released so far.

First of all, I must admit that I wasn’t looking forward to this show as much as I was for Deadman Wonderland or Stein’s gate (which, to be honest, I am not watching at the moment oO”) but even so, I was almost stunned speechless. With the beautiful art, flowy, gorgeous animation, amazing seiyuu cast or the BGM that made chills run down my spine (in a good way, lol ), you name it. But the development was also set perfectly.

You may get the slight feeling that you’re just being thrown into action without getting any information, but that’s a minor detail. I loved the fact that the ‘prelude’ didn’t eat up several episodes, like it does in a lot of shows, though the first episode was pretty much a character introduction, we got thrown into action in the last several minutes.

Burning people in blue flames is a best way to start a first episode!!! ^^ Nice and bright :3

I know what you thought, but that's not just any typical golden-hearted delinquent protagonist.(no such word - I know >.>)

This scene cracked me up like nobody's busyness xD

The change of moods and events was really smooth, and I liked it. Though the first episode can’t be compared to the second one, which literally seemed like an emotional (and visual – but about that later ) roller-coaster. The situations changed frequently and the emotions pouring from almost every scene were incredibly powerful and intense. It’s been a long time, since a second episode made me yell and cry. I think, that by the emotional intensity, I can compare this show only to Code Geass. Though it’s not just about the raw emotion, the plot was also developed perfectly, so there weren’t just tears, screams and smiles, like in Uraboku, for example. Also, I liked that there weren’t any shounen-ish, cliche jokes used in this 😀 The overall summary and premise of the show seem pretty interesting and a bit old at the same time. The half demon, half human (or more shortly – a half-blood ) protagonist is something I’ve seen and heard pretty often, though the fact that this half-blood protagonist will go against his own father, be it Satan himself, interests me and seems appealing. The third episode – though not SO dynamic – was amazing as well. Mainly, because we got to see some more Yukio :3 Oh, that character makes me fangirl so much! >3<

A .gif that I borrowed from Hime and Hoshi's post on . Yukio looks so KAKKOII here *~*

I’m glad that towards the end of the episode, the misunderstanding and tension between the two main heroes was resolved. Mad Yukio looks just amazing, but I still prefer good ol’ BROMANCE 😀 And I also think, that Yukio and Rin make one of the most epic pairs ever.

As for the art, Ao no Exorcist is a real eye-candy for me. Not only for me, the art is overall gorgeous. The backgrounds look great, and I just LOVE those character designs! No overpowering details, but every single one of them looks unique. Especially Yukio *,_,* I just can’t get over the moles on his face. The glasses, the attitude, Jun Fukuyama, I could handle it more or less. But those moles just killed me.


Doesn't this look gorgeous?? Admit it!!

Idk how can a profile look delicious, but I can't find any other suitable word for this oO"

The animation was just as great as the art, if not better. The movements are flowy and natural, and the fighting scenes looked amazing. Especially in the end of the 2nd episode, when Satan was trying to drag Rin into the underworld. The animation was just amazing at that moment. The moment itself was amazing, actually. The emotional background was really strong and the music…..oh, the music~ it fitted the scene as perfectly as I could wish. I even started crying, when Rin drew his katana in an attempt to save his father. And all the way to the moment when they showed the funeral, I was crying like a little baby.

I'm still a bit... non-serious towards those ears... Even if that's Satan >,>

That. Was. God. Damn. Beautiful. Period.

Manly tears!! TT^TT Now I officially love Rin

So, I think that this show will overall be very emotional, if they will keep it up. The plot has that kind of potential, and if handled right, this can be such an amazing anime! And I’m pretty secure about Ao no Exorcist turning out good, because I fully trust A-1 pictures. Lets cross our fingers, just in case :3 As for the music, I am in awe. I wasn’t impressed by the OP-ED sequences, the opening felt like… out of nowhere and in your face. No, it’s not that bad, I actually liked the theme-song, “Core Pride” by UVERworld. Especially the saxophones :3

And the ending had a nice idea, which was executed poorly. Mainly, because of a very weak song and performance from the group…. 2PM, I think?

So, the OP-ED was boringly average, but the BGM blowed me away. I instantly fell in love with the Arabic feel of it and the harmony of all the instruments was truly exceptional. I looked it up in Google, and found out(here) that the release of the OST album is on June 22.   This will be such a long wait! *0* But definitely worth it, as the music truly stands out and is really good. At least, the tracks that we got introduced to so far.

Overall Rating

Plot –  9/10 (-1, because the plot and the idea is a bit worn-out)
Art/Animation – 10/10
Music/BGM – 9/10 (-1 for a lousy ending sequence! >3<)
Character design/composition – 10/10 (and +100500 for Yukio’s awesome personality and looks!)
Overall – 9.5/10

So, overall, I enjoyed these 3 episodes to the teeny-tiny bits, and am pretty embarrassed, that I wasn’t expecting as much from this show. At first, i thought that the premise sounded a bit cliche, that’s why I kinda pushed it behind Deadman Wonderland and Steins;Gate. Though now I regret it, because out of all the Spring shows I checked out so far, Ao no Exorcist is my #1. There wasn’t any moment that called forth my negative emotions, which is pretty amazing, because I’m a very b*tchy watcher 😀 The changes in pace were composed and handled almost perfectly, so no events seemed out of place. I’m gonna say it again – I am very glad that there weren’t any over-the-top, cliche shounen-ish jokes, though I LOLed a couple of times too. ( No, not just LOLed, I got cracked up a couple of times :D) All of the characters were pleasant and appealing, composition and visual-wise. There are some that may seem a little bit stereotypical, like the main hero being an outcast and his brother being a goody-two shoes and at the top of that wearing glasses. But if you look closely enough, this just seems like a first impression, because Yukio isn’t such a goody-two-shoes, and Rin doesn’t always act like a classic tsundere.

Watching this show was incredibly interesting, pleasant and on top of that all – captivating. It was easy to emotionally connect and feel for the characters and feel the emotions that every scene offers. So, this makes Ao no Exorcist the best release of the Spring season 2011 so far.

2 thoughts on “Ao no Exorcist [1-3]

  1. You better believe I am SAVING DAT GIF!!!! >:D
    I’m really surprised that this turned out so good- it’s definitely my second favorite of the season after AnoHana.
    Yukio is just so badass that my heart can’t take it- it’s going to explode from Kyaaaa-ing so much. xD

    • 😀 Not blaming you, I saved it as soon as I laid my eyes on it xD

      I swear, only 3 episodes and I fangirled about him SO MUCH already!!!

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