New love interest of the author oO”

Itoshiki Nozomu-sama. He conquered my heard in a single episode..... ❤

Hiiii~ I am such a happy fangirl right now ❤ the day before yesterday, when I was just sitting in my chair in front of the computer and was thinking “WTH should I watch? -_____-‘” it suddenly clicked. I wanted to watch this anime for a really long time but kept forgetting O_O and-oh, great lord! I watched it. And was already in love with it from the very first scene in the sakura alley xD man, that was hilarious !!! Btw, i didn’t expect, that Hiroshi Kamiya was voicing Itoshiki-sensei, so I was like O_O but he did an amazing job, as usual. Also, I instantly knew that I was getting the OST album. The music was so beautiful, that I was amazed! An the plot…. as far as I watched, there’s no sight of the plot. But I don’t mind, because all those random stories and tricks with personalityxname links are really awesome. But still, the highest point in the show is Itoshiki-sensei himself. That’s the type of characters I adore. I just can’t fangirl hard enough! He’s so adorable, I can’t bear it!!! ❤ And the ending…… This ending is stuck in my head since I first saw it.

Look at this! It should be illegal to be SO ADDICTING! >_<” I think I found my new #1 favorite ending of all times…. It’s so awesoooome~

Uuum…. okay, leaving Zetsubou-sensei aside, I am also glad that I finally began to work on my “About” page. Now I’ve added a full information about anime and myself, and I also plan to write full series reviews and publish them in the “Reviews” category, under the “Advice” page. I don’t know, where am I going with all of this, because it’s clear that I won’t be able to lift this blog and achieve a lot of viewers, and eventually, I will become tired and will abandon this blog. Oh well, I will do my best for now and will see, where it will take me 😀 For now, I also plan to make a Top-10 page, where I will publish my top10 lists of favorite couples, characters, op/EDs, seiyuus, fight scenes and so on. So, if you’re reading this, and are actually interested, please, look forward and don’t forget to check out Katsuragi from time to time ^^

7 thoughts on “New love interest of the author oO”

  1. I’ve never seen Zetsubou sensei before nor do I plan to but it’s great you’ve found something you love Namika. I shall support you with your new plan for your own blog and if you do think you might have to give the axe, don’t give up all at once, you can always join other blogs and continue your path over there.

    I think your writing skills will bloom into something spectacular if you keep writing, though I don’t want to sound mean but you might have to limit how much emoticons you use in your post.

    • Thank you for the support and advice, Tofu! I was also thinking about applying to other blogs if I dropped this one.
      I’m so glad that you believe in me(maybe not quite, but still ))! I’m definitely gonna continue writing, so I hope, I will improve more. And thanks for the advice, I overdo it pretty often ^^”

      • No worries Namika, we’re all new writers anyways, I know that I still have a long way to go and improvment I must make and so I was giving you a heads up just in case ;D I didn’t mean it in a bad way though but I do believe you can improve and write great posts.

    • WTF I accidentally deleted like half of that comment >.<
      Er…I think I said something like "Zetsubou-sensei ❤ I experienced similar love the first time I watched that show.
      I seriously hope you don't abandon this blog any time soon. I like reading your posts, and I'm sure in time you'll get more readers"

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