A piece of my original work. I hope, you will like it! ^^

The frosty wind touched my cheeks and played with the long strands of my hair, which I just let loose. It was an early winter day. Saturday, to be precise. Early winter or not, it was already really cold outside, but I enjoyed my strolls in the park just as much. Though today, it was especially chilly. The wind felt so cold, that it was almost burning me. Small, transparent clouds appeared in synch with my breath, before quickly fading away.
It’s quiet… There aren’t much people unlike the summertime, when everybody tries to spend as much time as they can outdoors. There are no visible signs of living beings, and it’s awfully silent. So silent, that I can hear my own footsteps. I always disliked silence, but even I need it sometimes. Imagine, that such a down-to-earth person also has a romantic side to them. Though it’s a sight that only few people were lucky enough to see. There’s indeed a reason for such a lack of trusting ability, but I’ll drop this topic for now. Too old, too boring, too traumatizing for my beyond traumatized mind and just… uninteresting.
It was too cold to stay outside for too long, so I decided to call Shiri. I picked up my cellphone and dialed her number.
– Hey there, long time no see!
– For a couple of days – I said, smiling to myself.
– How’re you doin’?
– Are you free now? If it’s okay, I would stop by.
– Sure thing.
– I’ll be there in 20 minutes. Want me to bring something?? – The creepy giggle on the other side followed. I got used to her a bit inadequate behavior, so I wasn’t surprised by her reaction.
– Some chocolate would be splendid addition to my newbaked cookies!!
– Gotcha. You’d better prepare some hot water and a lot of coffee and chocolate chips! – I said before hanging up.

                                                                         *     *     *

So, this is it for now. This story is pretty old, actually – dates all the way back to November. Okay, maybe not all THAT old, but still 😀 I suddenly got this idea when I was thinking up a subject for the English language conference. I still haven’t taken care of this story as I should have, because of the lack of motivation, inspiration and such, but I’m thinking about continuing this story. This isn’t anime-related, but it’s my blog, so I guess it’s just as good. I just hope, that at least someone will read this 😀 If I will get any feedback on this story, I will continue posting it here, and in bigger fragments as well.

I hope, you enjoyed this little piece of my story, and if you had read it, please, comment and tell me, whether you liked it or not, pweeeeease! ^^

3 thoughts on ““Recipe”

  1. It’s a pretty nice little story you have going Namika. ^^ I’d love to see what the rest is. Though regarding any mistakes, I think there was only minor grammar mistakes, not much, only a few really. ;D

    Overall: liked it

    • *0* ureshii~
      I’m so glad you read my scribble! And I’m glad you liked it too! ^O^ Though for a person, who knows nothing about grammar, it may be forgivable >.> I’m not making any excuses, though 😀

      Thanks for the feedback, Tofu! ❤

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