Happy Easter! ^O^

Ulquiorra wishes you happy easter yoo! ^^ Now, you must feel happy ^^

I’ve kinda been slacking the past week (duh, I am always slacking) on publishing new posts, but I’m definitely gonna make up for id ;D As a matter of fact, I watched almost everything I planned, I only have to watch the last episode of Steins;Gate, Denpa Onna and Ano Hana. All of the releases were really good, though Hen Zemi made me go “WHAT THE F**K?! oO”  Maybe I’ll start following it later, but for now I won’t point my knife and fork in that direction ^^”

I think, I will publish a merged Ao no Exorcist and Deadman Wonderland first impression post. Even though 2nd episodes of both are out already.With Easter coming up, I had so little time to spend by the computer TT^TT though I’m not complaining, because most of the time was taken by Easter shopping/cooking/hanging out with friends so it’s just as well. I think I can handle that kind of busyness :3 So, anyway. I will publish the first impression post just a little later, so look forward to it ^^

Ja ne~

6 thoughts on “Happy Easter! ^O^


    I must say that Ano Hana is definitely one of the best of spring in my case. Although I’m blogging Denpa I can’t say it’s good enough to hit the top 5 mark while for Steins;Gate…. I’m so confused that I love it so much.

    Never saw Hen Zemi, never will…

    • I still have to watch Ano Hanaaaa >_<""""" I wanted to check out Denpa too, but after I read the first impression on Metanorn, my desire suddenly disappeared oO" Instead, I'm gonna watch another SHAFT show. Not Magica – Zetsubou-sensei ^^

      Trust me, Hen Zemi needs more patience than HOTD. oO"

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