Deadman Wonderland [First Impression]

The first gore show after the release of Shiki. You’d better live up to my bloody expectations!!! >_<“

I wanted to make a merged First Impression post featuring Deadman Wonderland and Ao no Exorcist, but in the end, decided to keep them separate, because in a merged form, this post would be like, HUGE oO” So, keep reading, if you’re interested, and please, tell me what you think about this anime!!! ^^

One of the most anticipated series of the Spring season 2011 – Deadman Wonderland is finally out. It’s been a long wait indeed – the show was supposed to air last fall, but for some unknown reason was pushed back all the way to the Spring season 2011. That made a lot of fans want to bang their faces against the wall, and I’m no exception 😀 Even though I never even heard of the manga, I fell in love with the plot instantly. I can’t believe it’s been 6 months already oO” but anyway….. let’s jump into busyness! ^^ Actually, the 2nd episode is already out so it’s not really a FIRST impression, but still ^^”

Firstly – the art and animation. The color palette of the show is really toned down and calm, complimenting the genre of this anime. It would be weird if Deadman Wonderland was colorful oO” Though I’m not sure. Remember Soul Eater?

Look at this! oO" That's amazing~ ^3^

The color palette was almost insanely colorful but the show still had that twisted, gothic feel. But putting that aside – I like the palette of Deadman Wonderland and wouldn’t have it any other way. Colors are really calm and not in your face, so that no detail in particular will capture your attention (besides Shiro, probably).

At least, their har colors are normal. No pink/blie/purple/green/orange pony/pig/twin tails on the horizon >>

Only an albino girl. But it's okay! ^^

Even blood isn’t all that RED. TT^TT as for the animation – it’s pretty nice. Also, we get a glimpse of some more in the second episode – with the race and stuff. Pretty nice, but not too flashy. Oh, thank god that they didn’t animate the bouncing of miss-Gcup’s boobs, I would die if I saw that xD As for the art – it’s pretty interesting, nice, but not the best I saw. I, personally, wasn’t impressed by the art itself, but the style certainly compliments the overall feel of the show.

Worst place to get trapped in. Are any of your classmates irritating you? :3

The moment I saw this scene in the trailer I fell in love with Ganta. Look at how beautiful this is! *O*

Now the plot and characters. It’s a bit early to talk about the characters, because – duh- we didn’t really get any information about them. The second episode also reveals quite a small amount of this treasure – but I think the interest level just flies up because of that. I just hope they won’t blow it, because Deadman Wonderland is supposed to be a 13-episode show (WHY SO SHORT?!), but it doesn’t matter. I’m sure there will be a 2nd season anyway 😛 The plot is…. Unique and not unique, I guess. I haven’t seen much anime with prison involved, but as for the interests and events revolving around Ganta, they seem pretty stereotypic for a shounen anime. But I think, that’s not a problem at all, because the show is actually interesting, unlike a couple of other releases…… * a meanie* no characters seem to be stereotypic or irritating (besides that obnoxious lawyer guy! Oh, I hate him so much!! >_<”) . Ganta, as a main hero is also very promising. (promising – a couple of breakdowns and a bloody, brutal murderer of somebody >3) Other characters also seem nice. I liked the designs, because they’re not in your face or too anime-ish, or overpowered with details. Everything is kept laconic, and that’s a goot thing. Though so far, I was a bit disappointed, because first 2 episodes showed mainly embarrassment and children abusing, and that’s not cool, if you ask me. I want more massacre scenes, and NOT THE CENSORED ONES!! =3=

First - everything's like BOOOOM!!!!!

And then..... -_______-' Yay for the maximum point in contrast?

What was I truly impressed with, was the BGM. I love the way it complements the scenes and amplifies the emotional side as well. The style and beat of every single one fitted the show almost perfectly, and didn’t overpower any scene. As a BGM it was amazing, but I don’t think I would get the OST disc though. I’m not saying it’s not good, I’m just saying it’s not really my style ^^” The opening was great.

I expected something different(because I had the theme song of the opening for like, 2 weeks or so) but the video complimented the song differently, and really well at that. The ending is really boring, video and song, so I’m being a mean cookie here >3


Plot – 8/10
Character design/composition – 9/10
Art&Animation – 8.5/10
Music – 9/10
Overall  – 8.5/10

So, overall, I liked how Deadman Wonderland turned out and like the direction, in which it’s moving. I have very high expectations for this show, and I think they will be met. Though it’s a bit different than I thought it would be – I’m pleasantly surprised with what we got. Also, I’m pleased with the fact, that Ganta is being voices by Paku Romi. I like that seiyuu very much, because she did voice really good male characters like Edward from FMA and FMAb, and Toshiro from Bleach. Also, Hanazawa Kana is a big plus too. I know, she’s been appearing literally in everything lately and it’s getting quite annoying, but I still love her beautiful voice. Especially on the character like Shiro. She seems so cheerful and stuff, but she’s totally messed up, because she remained cheerful while people died around her, so, you get the idea 😉 But being a Yandere myself, I’m not against characters like her, in fact, quite the opposite! (Rena-chan FTW~!!)

On the question “Should I watch it?” I answer “Go, download and watch it. RIGHT NAO.” (I’m stealing Kyokai’s phrases again~ teheeee :3

Anyways, this is it for everything I wanted say about DW. Sore ja, mata ne~ ^^

10 thoughts on “Deadman Wonderland [First Impression]

  1. Albino people aren’t supposed to be exposed to sunlight!!! What is this!?!?! xD

    I have to say I really enjoyed deadman wonderland. The gore was something new since I hardly watch ANY gore-related anime at all… Hanazawa voicing Shiro is a good pick, even though she’s in everything, it just proves how good she is!

    An otaku friend of mine couldn’t stand the art and character designs. He said it was too shit to bear… Guess we all have different tastes since I really hated C’s art and characters while he didn’t mind them.

    • You know, what is this??? It’s animeeeeee

      Well, then, welcome to the club, I guess xD Even though most of the people are starting to get annoyed, because she’s appearing almost in everything, I still love her .>

      Yeah, tastes differ.

    Aww well, I stll love this show. Hanazawa Kana never ceases to amaze me XD It's been too long since we've gotten a good horror anime!

  3. Hello, I stumbled on this website from digg. It’s not an article I would regularly read, but I liked your perspective on it. Thanx for making an article worth reading!

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