Lovesick o_O

If I were the rain that binds together earth and sky, who in all eternity will never mingle, would I be able to bind the hearts of people together?.. (c)

I am so cheezy right now! -_______- Please, forgive me for that. Though I doubt that anyone will read this, it’s just as good.

Some time ago, I made a wish. A very stupid one at that. And you know, what’s the most stupid thing about it? It came true.

I thought I would be more motivated if I’d fall in love. I thought, that I would have a reason to look better, for example, to become better in general… but I didn’t think that it would turn out in such a stupid way. That sounds pretty funny, but I’m entangled in a love triangle right now O_O Few days back I just had to admit to myself that I’m madly in love, but the problem is that he’s my best friend. We’re literally together since our birth, can you imagine? oO” And he’s, most likely, in love with my other best friend, who tries to get the two of us together O_O I feel like I’m inside a shoujo manga right now -_____-‘ but it doesn’t feel bubbly at all. Quite the opposite – really heavy. In a pretty long time, I’m getting depressed over a guy and I don’t know how to deal with it. Somebody, help meeeeeee~ ….. I don’t even know, what I should do. I’m not sure about anything at this point.

Girls, toy’s lesson is : Falling in love is bad! Especially, if the potential love interest is a guy, whom already sees you as his close friend. But to be serious, I think, it’s not right to lock your heart only because you’re afraid to get hurt.

Uuuuh….. I don’t even know, where was I going with this post. Frankly speaking, I don’t even care, because this blog hardly has any users who read it for reasons other than the information source. Bleh…… Being in a bad mood sucks -____-

4 thoughts on “Lovesick o_O

  1. Helloooo Namika~ ^^ Considering I’m about a week late… what happened? I do hope you feel better and that hopefully if the result was bad that your heart would heal quickly.

    Let me tell you that I was kinda in the same position. More like I know what you mean because I’ve felt your pain before. I am a guy who liked a girl who thought of me as a best friend only who liked my best friend and now they are going out. I’m still learning to take it all in since it happened recently but I feel fine at the moment.

    Whatever the problem, let me tell you first that your friends will support you in the tough times you face, I know mine did for me and I thank them dearly. Love is a very complicated thing but it happens in life. We just gotta deal with it really and move on :\

    Either way, I’m here for you girl ;D

    • Aaaaaaaaw~ Tofu! You just made my day, I swear!!!! ❤

      Though my situation isn't as bad(anymore) things aren't all that good too. But anyway, I also learned to take it all and deal with it a long time ago and I do it, regardless the fact that sometimes it's really hard and even painful. And in those times – you're right. Friends are there to help.
      Too bad it turned out that way with your friends, but if they're happy together, then it's just as good. And you'll find a great girlfriend, I'm sure ^^

      Thanks for your advice, Tofu, it made me really happy! ^O^

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