C [First Impression]

Ashirogi Mutou ni omedetto!!! Are….. arya.. sumimasen, machigaeta~ ^^”

I just finished watching C; The money of soul and possibility control, and I’m such a happy fangirl right now!!! I expected a lot from this anime, and I certainly got what I wanted – potential. And not the one that’s flushed down the toilet. Without any further ado –

So, naturally, the first thing that made an impression was the art. I can’t really call it insane, though it’s certainly… specific, maybe?? The character design itself isn’t all that unique, but it’s nonetheless pleasant. But the thing that makes up for it are those backgrounds, the design of the Financial district, all those pixel-like effects….

Not the best ar I've seen, but pretty good as it is.

The pixel-like frame looks nice. And I like that horned loli's design very much too.... :3

The animation is pretty good and flowy too. As a watcher who values the art, animation and a visual factor in general, I was simply captivated by C. I also adored Kimimaro’s design. Not too flashy, but definitely nice looking, and all those credit card beasts, and creatures I yet have to name also looked very, very good.

What a bishiiiiiiiie~

Now, the storyline. It’s nothing over-the-top, but is certainly delivered well. I just loved how they executed the plot in this episode. As a first episode itself, it was really good too. I was glad we were introduced to most of the characters in the first episode ( has a trauma caused by a 7-episode character introduction in a 13-episode anime ) *coughinfinitecoughstratos*. And I’m also glad that none of them made me want to bang my face against the wall too. I may be wrong, but there weren’t any characters that can be called stereotypic. Well, maybe those 2 guys that were inviting Kimimaro and Hanabi somewhere were a bit stereotypical, but that’s bearable.

About the music and all that’s left…… The main hero is voiced by Uchiyama Kouki. That is such a PLUS to me! I love that seiyuu very much and I seen 70% of shows he was in. (I think his best roles are Natsuno from “Shiki” and Soul from “Soul eater” He’s pretty amazing and promising, if you ask me. Most of his roles are for main heroes, which, I think is pretty amazing for a beginner seiyuu. And the fact that he successfully voiced Soul and Natsuno is pretty amazing too, because those characters are very different. Besides Uchiyama, I was glad that Takahiro Sakurai appeared in this. Heck, who wouldn’t be? His voice is so smexy and sounds so pleasant! And surprisingly, his deep and quiet voice fit/adjusted to the crazy character like Masakaki really well.

Now, compare this character to Claude Faustus. I dare 'ya!

As for the music, it was pretty good, but I’m not amazed by it. The tracks complimented the episode, but I think, they wouldn’t stand out much on their own. But as a BGM, they sounded really, really well. OP-ED sequences were pretty good too. OP sequence seems more interesting, though, the ending was a bit boring, if you ask me. Nothing over the top, but pretty decent at that.



End thoughts

Plot -9/10
Art & Animation -9/10
Music/BGM -8/10
Character design & composition -9/10
Overall – 9/10

As I said before, I expected a lot from this anime and now my hopes and expectations are set even higher. So far, this was the best first episode of the season (but let’s not forget that Ao no Exorcist and Deadman Wonderland aren’t released yet  :3), if you ask me. With Hanasaku Iroha running up. I liked that all (more or less) the information we needed to know was managed in the first episode, because I wouldn’t handle 5-episode introductions. Overall, everything was solid, well-composed, and what’s most important – executed correctly. Not too flashy, but informative. Laconic, may I say. As far as I can tell by looking at the first episode, this show won’t get its potential flushed down the toilet by poor plot development. And I expect great things from this anime too. Tsugi no episode ni o’tanoshimi da wa~ ^___^

3 thoughts on “C [First Impression]

  1. justin says:

    first off may i say u have great taste in anime (Ao no Exorcist ,Deadman wonderland, and C-control- money and soul are all amazing) and secondly ur reviw was nice

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