Hanasaku Iroha [First Impression]

The Spring season finally begun, and one of it’s first anime is Hanasaku Iroha. I waited for this, regarding the fact that I have some problems with P.A.Works. And to my surprise, I liked the first episode of this drama-to-be show. But I’ll leave those thoughts for the end of the post, nee? :3

As expected of P.A. Works, the visual factor of the show is at a top level. The art is truly beautiful. Color palette is more on the cold side, not too vivid, though unquestionably colorful. To keep it shorter, there’s nothing unpleasant to hit the eye. Colorful, but not too vivid. Beautiful, but not overpowering. I loved the harmony, that I saw in the art. As for the animation, I’m not even trying to say anything. 😀 The character designs were also very nice. Not too flashy or overpowering, no unnecessary details… They’re fairly simple, but that what makes them so visually pleasant.

The next thing that stood up to me is the music. Just as the art, it’s beautiful, but mild and not overpowering. It sounds beautiful, the melody of each one is nice and fits the overall episode’s emotional background. Each track fits each scene perfectly, and doesn’t feel overpowering. That’s what I value the most in BGM. The fact that it compliments the anime, almost amplifies the emotional background but doesn’t overpower the anime itself. Aaaaah~ that perfect harmony!!! I had a bit mixed feelings about the OP sequence theme song, “Hana no Iro” by nano.RIPE. There’s not much info on the net on the release date, but according to the information I found, it’s scheduled to be released on April 20. But anyway…. At the beginning, I thought that the vocalist had a bit irritating voice and pronouncement. I’m a bit bitchy in stiff like that, but I’m trying to become better, you know ^^” The pronouncement of the singer is indeed pretty specific, but when I listened to it more carefully I actually liked it. Very much. And the fact, that pronouncement of the singer is a bit specific gives the song it’s ……. charm, maybe?? In any case, the song blends with the atmosphere of the anime really well.

You may think that I’ve been only praising this anime up until now, right??? And that would be correct. Though now it’s time to relieve myself from some frustration….. THOSE PEOPLE ARE JUST IMPOSSIBLE!!! I swear, I have never seen a character resembling Ohana’s mother. Well, maybe Maka’s mother from Soul Eater, but that’s a too slight resemblance. Man, the plot is decent and horrible at the same time. I like the concept, because it’s good for the drama and slice-of-life anime, but it’s also very, very, VERY IRRITATING! I swear, does that mother even care about her child? Or that old hag. Doesn’t she understand, that no matter what her daughter is like, her granddaughter isn’t at fault and must not bear sins of her mother. No, seriously. However, I may fuss all I want, but if I look at it seriously, the characters seem to be pretty well composed. Not so stereotypical. Well, maybe a little bit :3

A whole other topic is… guess what? Itou Kanae! ^O^ I started fangirling over her after I listened over to 15 of her albums, when Sassy posted his first Seiyuu spotlight post about Itou Kanae. How didn’t I notice her before? I watched the whole first season of Shugo Chara, but I didn’t pay much attention to her. Maybe because the role of Amu itself wasn’t all that… noticeable, maybe?…. Maybe because I haven’t seen much anime with her. I don’t know… But anyway….. In this show, I noticed, how pleasant is her voice, both when she talks and narrates. I think, the fact that Itou Kanae is voicing the main heroine of the show is another plus and a reason to watch it. Personally, I like that she sounds so natural. Her voice is really cute, but entirely natural as well. For example, take Hanazawa Kana. Her voice and acting abilities are amazing as well, but sometimes, in some roles she may sound a bit unnatural. I’m not saying that because she’s unable to act well enough, I’m saying that she has the type of voice, that may sound good like that, or some of her roles may require that amplified effect of innocence and stuff like that. I know, I’m not making any sense… TT^TT Kanae Itou just wouldn’t sound good that way, and that’s one of the reasons I like her. I may be wrong, and please, correct me if I am, but at this point, it’s what I think. Though I have to note, that Hanazawa Kana is my favorite female seiyuu )))


Plot – 8/9
Art & animation -10/10
Music -10/10
Character design/composition – 9/10

In the end, I’m as strict as ever 😀 but what can I do?

Overall, I liked the first episode. As a first episode itself as well. I liked how we the plot moved, slowly but quickly as well.. I don’t know if you will get it XD Kinda like Bakuman, Hanasaku Iroha develops the plot quickly, but the watcher doesn’t get that feeling of a dynamic show. Maybe, it’s too soon to judge and talk about that, so I will stop for now.One thing that I know for sure, is that I’m watching this to the end )))) So, this is it for everything I had to say. On the question “Should I watch this?” I’m answering: Yes, you should.

As for upcoming posts… I think I will write more first impression posts and also, I will post a Winter 2010/2011 status, though it’s so poor that I’m doubting if I should publish that 😀 I hope, you enjoyed this post! ^^

Jaa ne~!

8 thoughts on “Hanasaku Iroha [First Impression]

  1. Oh wow, I totally didn’t even notice Kanae Itou played Amu. I guess it’s like you said though, her character was sort of uninteresting (Unlike Ikuto >w> )
    I LOVED this first episode! I hope her mother gets struck by lightning, but I get this feeling that the grandma will come around…eventually. I hate Minko though. Omigawa Chiaki+ irrational death threats+ boring character design= character I can’t help but hate. XD

    • Why you gotta hate on Minko? It’s only the first episode.

      She’s the antithesis to Ohana, give her a break. I would be pissed off too if someone pulled out my plants.

      • Yeah, that figures. Just a first episode, being upset about your plants getting destroyed…. But still. You have to clear up misunderstandings, before wishing people to die O_O That was really mean, though didn’t bother me so much. At least, she didn’t say “Get hit by a horse and die!” XD Otherwise, I would die along with Ohana LOL

    • Yeah, Ikuto was super-cute character with super-cute kitty ears *w* kawaii…
      I was okay with Minko though…. probably, because I don’t care about that character yet ^^”

  2. Whoa what? The seiyu who voiced Amu is voicing Ohana? How did I not know this before?
    Great post! The visual factor is definitely great and if the plot ever goes sour, which probably won’t happened, that would save the anime (like how IS’ animation did keep some viewers watching even though it was soo sooo bad.)
    Oh that mother should be thrown off a cliff, I’ll admit, but she contributed to the interest that was the beginning of the episode. Plus she is there for contrast to both Ohana and Ohana’s grandmother.
    Speaking of the grandmother, SUPERSLAP.

    • Thanks, I’m glad you liked it! ^^
      I don’t know, if the plot will become poor enough so that the fate of the entire anime will depend on the art and music, and I HOPE it won’t >.> but if it did, the two would probably save the show(more or less). I have a lot of examples of such a fate, like 11eyes and Uraboku. But I still don’t think that it’s likely to happen. Jaa, we’ll just have to wait and see~

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