Hiiii ^O^ I was absent again 😀 Sorry for that, readers that don’t exist ^^” anyways…. my skills need polishing, so I’m carrying out this ‘mission’ until I am either completely sick of it, or until I’ll have exams next spring. That…. was an incorrect sentence, was it?.. >.> I know that.  It’s just that my brain is partially out of reach, because I’ve slept for only 6 hours today, and that’s a disaster for me.  TT^TT  And I went to school today too !!! That’s terrible… I hate school *0*

Anyways…… Metanorn never ceases to amaze me! After the big update – Met’Amour dating SIM game release, they announce that they’re hiring again!! O_O Kyokai.. she’s not being fair. TT^TT I want to apply again! But I won’t be able to pass, I just know it T_T I don’t know, if I should try out again… so if you are actually reading this, then PLEASE… I need your advice TT_TT And I also don’t know if I should mention that I make Fandubs and AMVs too… though I’m still bad at making AMVs….. Fandubs may be a bit better, though… I don’t know! ><” Judge for yourself.

I knoooow~!!! That’s terrible, Fandubbing Sailor Moon is lame, but I just couldn’t resist! I love than anime so much TT^TT

>.> I need an opinion. Please, luck! Let somebody read this post and give me advice!!! >3<


Please, share your thoughts with me!! ^_^

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